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Construction Update: Projects continue in attempt to accommodate growing population

This semester will bring no relief in the continued construction taking place both on and off campus as students, faculty and staff begin another school year.

Texas State and the City of San Marcos are implementing construction projects to keep up with the growing student population as well as outdated infrastructure, said Michael Petty, director of facilities planning, design and construction. Although construction projects may make things difficult for students and residents, they will make the campus a better place, he said.

Bobcat Trail

The renovation of Bobcat Trail began with updating old underground utilities and also creating a “wonderful green space for students,” Petty said.

Fun Fall Events

Most Texas State students are plagued by one of two event scheduling problems: either they’re faced with the possibility of so many seemingly-fun activities that it’s impossible to fit it all unto their Bookstore-issued planner, or they’re so bored on a Thursday night that attending an extra credit lecture session is actually starting to sound appealing. To avoid the stress that accompanies either situation, The University Star has sifted through sites and pared it down to the top four events no one should miss.

•          Texas State Talent Show tryouts

Head of Google Fiber in Austin speaks in San Marcos

Google Fiber

Mark Strama, the current head of Google Fiber in Austin and former member of the Texas House of Representatives, gave the keynote address at the 2014 Greater San Marcos Economic Outlook convention on May 22.

Google Fiber is Google’s latest endeavor, providing broadband Internet and television to a small but growing number of locations via a fiber-to-the-premise service, according to the Google Fiber website. In April 2013, it was announced that Austin would become a “Google Fiber City,” and that residents would be among the first to have access to the service, according to Google’s blog.

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