The Texas State football team begins the season playing against the highest ranked team in program history.

Playing Florida State, ranked 10th in the nation, will be a barometer for where Texas State lies on a national level. Texas State will play the top three preseason ranked teams in the conference this season.


First-ever deaf section headed to Bobcat Stadium this fall

The Texas State football team will have a new group of fans this fall.

For the first time in university history, there will be a deaf section for fans at Bobcat Stadium..

The section, which seats up to 1,000 people, will be near the 35-yard line. Ticket prices will be reduced from the usual $25 to $10.


Bowens keeping level head as season approaches

Kwamane Bowens, sophomore wide receiver, doesn’t care what you think.

Bowens doesn’t just ignore the praise, he doesn’t even hear it.

In the current college landscape, Bowens is a rarity.