For the first time ever the Texas State Strutters will perform in maroon and gold uniforms this football season.

The team has worn the same iconic uniforms for the past 17 years, but on Aug. 22, a brand-new look was debuted at their annual Meet the Strutters event.


TopShelf app gains popularity

The success of the alcohol delivery app TopShelf is off to a slow start after the community had to shift its focus to rebuilding in the aftermath of the Memorial Day Weekend flooding.  

The delivery app launched in San Marcos just one day before the flooding occurred.


Bobcats open season against Florida State with chip on shoulders

The most anticipated game in Texas State football history is just two days away.

The Bobcats will face the 10th-ranked Florida State Seminoles, who were eliminated in the College Football Playoff by Oregon last year.


Kanye West for President 2020

Washington, Lincoln, Obama—West?

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