Students and San Marcos residents gathered at Zelicks Icehouse Aug. 30 for a night of art, shopping and music.

Martian Culture, inspired by ‘San Martian,’ a term used to describe locals, is a social gathering held on the last Sunday of every month in an effort to immerse attendees in local culture.


Student Government discusses future plans for Student Center renovation

University officials plan to begin renovation on the LBJ Student Center (LBJSC) in the coming years, said Jack Raymond, director of the LBJSC, at the Aug. 31 Student Government meeting. 

Raymond said any one on campus can notice the crowded spaces in the dining halls as the freshman classes increase in numbers from year-to-year. 


Florida State isn't on the Bobcats' minds

Less than a week remains before the Texas State football team opens its regular season.

The opponent may be familiar.

Florida State, the 10th-ranked team in the country, hosts Texas State Sept. 5 in a game that will put the program on the national radar.


Movie theater security rightfully amped due to recent tragedies

Movie theaters are now another unfortunate place that Americans can no longer feel safe in.

People have taken for granted being able to buy a ticket, grab an extremely overpriced snack from concessions and catch a movie. It is now evident that times have changed.

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