Students and San Marcos residents gathered at Zelicks Icehouse Aug. 30 for a night of art, shopping and music.

Martian Culture, inspired by ‘San Martian,’ a term used to describe locals, is a social gathering held on the last Sunday of every month in an effort to immerse attendees in local culture.


Local farmers discuss flood devastation, ongoing drought conditions

San Marcos farmers have had to a lot to adjust to in the past few months after record-breaking floods followed by the return of Stage 2 drought conditions.

Some local farmers are still trying to bounce back after they lost entire crops to the rising waters of the Blanco River during the Memorial Day weekend flooding. 


Gaines finds opportunity in senior season

The moment Jason Johnson met Jafus Gaines, he knew there was something special inside him.

Johnson, wide receivers coach, noticed that Gaines, a freshman at the time and now a senior wide receiver, carried himself with an advanced maturity.


Movie theater security rightfully amped due to recent tragedies

Movie theaters are now another unfortunate place that Americans can no longer feel safe in.

People have taken for granted being able to buy a ticket, grab an extremely overpriced snack from concessions and catch a movie. It is now evident that times have changed.

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