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Bobcats pounce on Panthers, 2-0

The Texas State soccer team outshot Prairie View A&M 36-6 Friday night in rout of shutting out the Panthers, 2-0.

Rachel Grout, freshman midfielder, scored two goals within a 10 minute span giving the Bobcats the 2-0 lead in the first half. Grout, with the two goals Friday night, is tied for the team lead in goals with three.

"It's very exciting," Grout said. "I'm just glad I got the opportunity tonight to put two away."

Texas State had 50-percent of its shots on goal. The team had two assists, six fouls and seven corner kicks. Prairie View A&M committed 10 fouls for the game and registered one shot in the first half before adding five more in the second period. 

From the Field to the Fans: Friday, 9/19/14

Host Odus Evbagharu and sports editor Quixem Ramirez discuss the loss of Mike Orakpo, senior linebacker. The guys talk about how they will try to replace Orakpo and what key matchups to look forward to in Saturday's game in Champaign, Illinois.

Blue running through the veins of Texas

It’s November 4th, Election Day, and you are in Texas. Are you going to go vote? Well, statistically speaking, there is over a 50% chance that you won’t. Voting is such a task for us Texans, apparently, seeing as we are ranked 48th in the country. 

Is YouTube taking over TV?

In its early days, YouTube gave the Internet videos of cute cats, the hilairous Numa Numa guy and—who can forget?—Nyan Cat.

Now some of its best-viewed content is music videos by pop stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga or shows like "Epic Rap Battles of History," which, surprisingly, is produced by a Disney-owned studio.

Don't overlook Thrift Stores

Have you ever heard the phrase "history repeats itself”? Well, ironically, fashion repeats itself as well. The same clothes that your parents wore in those back-in-the-day pictures are slowly but surely coming back in style today.

Most “old-school” styles that are coming back can be found in local thrift shops. Jerseys, sweatshirts and all forms of denim that you can think of are all items that most thrift shops carry.

Books aren't Movies

Essentially everyone I know had a favorite book series growing up. From Harry Potter to the Hunger Games and beyond, every major book series had a solid and dedicated fan base. Now when those books get translated into movies, these fans (myself included) lose our minds and cease to exist.

University generates 2,000 pounds of waste per month


Texas State is doing its part to reduce the university’s waste footprint through the disposal of food, sewage and hazardous waste.

The university is considered a large generator of waste, creating about 2,000 pounds per month, said Elizabeth Arceneaux, environmental health and safety specialist.

There are multiple ways of sanitizing around campus, from disposing of dining hall food refuse to the special care of hazardous waste and efforts to clean the river, said Juan Guerra, associate vice president of Facilities.

Administrators address graduate enrollment


Graduate program enrollment at Texas State dropped in 2013, and officials are now focusing on incentives and recruitment in its continuing efforts to become a Tier One university.

At the master’s level, there has been a “slight dip” of three percent in the number of students enrolled, said Provost Eugene Bourgeois. Overall enrollment in the graduate programs was up 3.9 percent, Bourgeois said.

"We had larger graduating classes of master’s students in 2012 and early 2013, and if people are graduating early and the graduating classes are larger than your classes coming in, it can appear that enrollment is going down," Bourgeois said.

A better way of looking at enrollment is the amount of net new students coming in, Bourgeois said.

Texas State, Sam Houston policies protect gender identity

The Texas State University System has implemented an institution-wide sexual misconduct policy, but Texas State and Sam Houston State are the only universities to address gender identity and gender expression in their discrimination and harassment policies so far.

The Texas State University System Board of Regents approved the sexual misconduct policy Aug. 29 that affects all TSUS universities. Gender identity is not explicitly mentioned in the sexual misconduct policy because the policy is meant to apply to any student or faculty member regardless of sexual orientation, said Mike Wintemute, associate vice chancellor for Governmental Relations and director of Communications.

Anonymous photo sharing application comes to Texas State

A new anonymous photo-sharing app called Unseen aims to provide students with the ability to connect with others without a fear of backlash.

Michael Schramm, CEO and cofounder of Unseen, said current social media platforms are glossy versions of who people are. Schramm and his cofounder, Munjal Budhabhatti, created a platform that allows college students to be who they are without fear of repercussions.

“The overall goal is to be an anti-Facebook,” Schramm said. “Here (on Unseen) you can find people with common interests and opinions, and it’s just so much more genuine.”

Unseen removes the stresses associated with posting certain things, and users do not have to think before posting, Schramm said.


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