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Students witness police apprehending suspects in gun threat

Texas State students witnessed university police apprehending individuals in connection with the gun threat on campus Thursday afternoon.

Nick Crespo, political science junior, said he had to evacuate the Undergraduate Academic Center building. University police were questioning one of the suspects.

“He was just standing there talking and was not in handcuffs,” Crespo said.

Freshman Council promotes Angel Tree program


The winter months usher in a season of gift-giving and feelings of cheer for many, but this is not always the case for children of less fortunate families.

Freshman Council has set out to make sure needy families have presents under the Christmas tree this year. The council has partnered with the San Marcos Salvation Army to participate in the Angel Tree program.

“The Angel Tree program is a program that helps needy families to get their children gifts over the holidays,” said Doraneesha Jackson-Wilson, chair of the Angel Tree committee.

University partners with electric company to perform water research

Nippon Electric Company (NEC) Corporation of America and Texas State announced a partnership Nov. 4 to conduct joint research and development efforts to improve water conservation and resource management

President Denise Trauth and Nobuhiro Endo, president and CEO of NEC Corporation of America, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Nov. 4 detailing the partnership. The university and NEC will exchange ideas for developing solutions to further responsible use of natural resources, according to the MOU.

NEC, headquartered in Irving, is a provider of network, communications, information technology and biometric solutions for customers across multiple industries.

Debate team victorious over 15 universities in state tournament

The debate team is enjoying a high after a win at this semester’s Texas Intercollegiate Forensics Association (TIFA) tournament.

The team won the debate portion of the tournament and took first place in the sweepstakes as well, said debate coach Wayne Kraemer. The university beat 15 other schools, including the University of Texas and Texas A&M University.

“Of the last 15 TIFA tournaments, we’ve won 14 of them,” Kraemer said.

Kraemer attributes the team’s success to the coaching staff and the students’ commitment.

Engineering seniors developing ‘Smart Watch’ technology for NASA astronauts


Six electrical engineering students are working hard to leave their mark on the NASA space station. 

The students are creating wearable technology in the senior engineering design program after the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) disciplines at Texas State received $15 million from NASA. The technology will help keep astronauts on task and monitor their health. It will provide a communication structure and a warning system in case of emergency.

Tyler Lyssy, Mathew Mullen and Kyle Paul, electrical engineering seniors, are developing an interface called PixelSense that will intertwine with the operation of the wearable device.

Both projects are scheduled to be completed in May and will be presented at senior design day.

Officials ‘aggressive’ in repairing damaged emergency call phones

Seven emergency call phones located in various places around campus are broken, leaving students, faculty and staff without this extra layer of protection.

Seven of the 136 emergency call phones on campus still need repairs after the last test run was performed at the end of the summer of 2014, said Jeb Thomas, Access Services supervisor. Access Services spent approximately $22,419 during the summer of 2014 to repair emergency telephones at the San Marcos and Round Rock campuses, he said.

“There were quite a few (emergency call phones) broken over the summer,” Thomas said. “Out of the 136 call phones that are on campus, only seven are not working since the last test was done.”

Holiday season brings fun events, activities

With all of the recent cold weather, it finally feels like the holiday season is here to stay. The holiday season comes with many fun experiences to be had by even the grumpiest Grinch.


Body image problems won’t be solved by making cartoon characters ‘realistic’

Media has taken retouching photos to ridiculous new heights.

It is blatantly obvious that most of the images in the media have been touched up in Photoshop once or twice. Since the use of Photoshop has become more apparent, people are fighting back with their own alterations and giving everything realistic proportions.

Taylor Swift’s Spotify decision egotistical, motivated by greed

Taylor Swift just created a lot more haters who are going to hate, hate, hate.

Swift recently sent shockwaves throughout the music world by deciding to take all of her music off the streaming service Spotify, the reason for this business decision being that she claims Spotify does not properly compensate the artists who allow their music to be on the service.

Breast cancer foundations sexualize deadly disease

It is absolutely disgusting that people feel the need to resort to sexualizing a dangerous disease in order to raise awareness of it.

“Save the Tatas,” “I love boobies!” and “save second base” are all sayings people have grown accustomed to hearing during the month of October, which happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


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