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Proposed parking changes focus on commuters

Parking Services proposed changes to alleviate parking problems around campus.

The changes proposed to the President’s Cabinet, the committee comprised of university vice presidents, were all passed except a currently pending measure to increase the price of the gold permit. Gold permits allow students who don’t use their vehicles frequently to park in the Mill Street lot. Parking Services recommended the changes to the Transportation Services Advisory Council, Student Government and the Residence Hall Association.  

“It was important to get the student opinion out because parking is one of the most important subjects to talk about on campus,” said Tiffany Young, student body president.

Drought conditions threaten endangered fountain darter

Drought and human interaction cause concern for the future of the federally protected fountain darter fish, unique to the San Marcos and Comal Rivers.

The fountain darter can only be found in the Comal Springs and San Marcos aquatic ecosystem, according to The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment’s website. The fountain darter requires clear, clean and flowing waters of a constant temperature.

“Looking at it from the grand scale, drought and low flow conditions have probably wiped out more fish than man,” said Tim Bonner, director of the Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Biology program.

Outside forces have been acting on the fish, but the fountain darter community has stayed intact, he said.

SMHS team plays first home football game at newly opened Rattler Stadium


An American flag unfolded across the San Marcos High School logo midfield while the band played the national anthem and a jet flew across the home stands of the new Rattler Stadium.

San Marcos High School (SMHS) made history Friday when Rattler Stadium hosted its very first home football game. SMHS has hosted home games before but never at a stadium of its own.                 

San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District (SMCISD) rented the Jim Wacker Field at Bobcat Stadium for home games before its stadium was built. Thursday night games at Texas State became a memory Friday when the Rattlers hosted Kerrville Tivy on home turf. The game resulted in a 48-14 loss for the Rattlers, but the opening of the stadium marks a new era for San Marcos.

From the Field to the Fans- Cajuns Too Hot To Handle

Host Odus Evbagharu and Sports Editor Quixem Ramirez dicuss the bobcats getting burned on nation television by the Ragin' Cajuns. The duo talk about what went wrong in the matchup and what Texas State has to look forward too for the rest of the Sun Belt season.

Feminine lesbians wrongly portrayed, over-sexualized

My name is Britton, and I don’t look like a lesbian.

I cannot count on both hands the amount of times I have heard this phrase come out of various people’s mouths, both queer and straight alike. The doubt has got to stop.

It is truly ridiculous having to justify my sexual orientation to strangers and friends alike. Hearing people tell me that they “never would have thought” that I’m gay is annoying and offensive. That’s right, because you cannot see a human’s sexual orientation.

Allies not part of LGBTQIA community

Just because I have a black friend and I’m not racist does not make me black.

To many people this seems obvious because the only qualification to be black is to, well, be black. However, for many allies of the LGBTQIA community, this isn’t the case. In many places, including here at Texas State, the A in the acronym stands not only for asexual and aromantic but also ally.

People must not imitate unrealistic TV shows

Television is a good way for people to forget about their boring or stressful lives. It is a nice escape and the fuel to many fan fiction stories or the plot for multiple fantasies.

Even though it is fun to get lost in favorite television shows and dream about being that badass character, the thin line between the two is getting thinner and thinner. There needs to be a clear and marked line that television is for entertainment purposes only.

Volleyball prepares for weekend Sun Belt matchups


The Texas State volleyball team has won two of its last three games heading into the matchups with the Georgia State Panthers and Arkansas State Red Wolves.

Arkansas State is third in the conference behind Texas State and Arkansas-Little Rock.

The Red Wolves, led by Sarah Kemps, senior outside hitter, are 6-2 in conference.

Kemps is third in the conference in kills per set with 3.8. She is fifth in total kills with 221.

“We have 10 to 12 players on the court that can help us win,” Coach Karen Chisum said. “We have to get Alex Simms and Jordan Kohl back in our rotation.”

Arkansas State’s loss to Arkansas-Little Rock Oct. 14 snapped the team’s six-game winning streak.

Beyond the Game: Keeley Davis

If someone tells Keeley Davis, sophomore outside hitter “no,” she will demonstrate what “yes” looks like.

Davis has had a competitive personality for as long as she can remember. Davis inherited her love for competition, along with her headstrong attitude, from her dad.

“My dad really loves sports, so I think we really bonded over it, and it made us closer at the same time,” Davis said. “It was something we both really enjoyed—spending a lot of time together going from game to game. We would drive all over the place, fly all over the place. I’m really fortunate that my dad was able to do that for me.”

Women's center hosts domestic violence awareness event

The Hays-Caldwell Women's Center hosted a screening of the film "Telling Amy's Story" yesterday evening as part of an ongoing mission to raise awareness about the severity of domestic violence.

Seats in the LBJ Student Center Ballroom filled up quickly. Hundreds of students witnessed the chain of events that led to Amy Homan McGee's death at the hands of her husband, Vince McGee.

Vince, a military veteran and alcoholic, verbally and physically abused the mother of his two children for the majority of the four years the two were married.


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