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San Marcos bowling alley passed down through family

When George Gilbert applied for a bank loan to start his own bowling alley in 1959, he was prepared to be flexible on everything but its name. George Gilbert was dead set on naming the alley after a street he drove down every day—Sunset Lane.

Sunset Lanes Bowling alley has been a family affair ever since.  

Teri Perkins, general manager at Sunset Lanes, said George Gilbert, her grandfather, met his future wife all those years ago when she worked at the bank and granted him the original loan to fund the alley. When Gilbert applied for the loan 55 years ago, he didn’t know he was on the path to not only starting his own business, but a romance.

ZEALE: Valin Zamarron • musician • former student

Leaving behind a career in social media marketing and an unfinished advertising degree at Texas State, Valin Zamarron, known as ZEALE, has found success in the music industry. With a Red Bull sponsorship, a song in the trailer for one of the year’s most anticipated comedy movies and a tour opening for industry heavyweights, ZEALE is on the rise.

EM: How and when did your music career start?
Z:  I started back in high school writing poetry and doing things of that sort. I started writing, performing and creating my freshman year at Texas State. The music that I made at those early stages was very different from what I make today, but it definitely was a predecessor to my present path in music.

San Marcos hosts fall events


As one of the most anticipated celebrations of the fall semester, Halloween and the days following it are always packed festivities galore.

With the Bobcat population growing rapidly, this Halloween weekend promises to be bigger and better than ever in San Marcos. Events from concerts to carnivals pack the calendar this
weekend so every Texas State student has a happy Halloween.   

One of the most anticipated events this Halloween season is a special performance by DJ Carnage. Carnage will be performing at The Marc on Thursday evening.

Omar Dawoud, owner of The Marc, expressed his excitement not only for prolific Carnage, but for other events following the holiday.

San Marcos police: Man who killed ex-girlfriend in double homicide found dead

The suspect in the double homicide of a Texas State student and her boyfriend was found dead around 1 p.m. Thursday.

Daniel Stillwell, 23, was found dead near Highway 32 after he drove his car over a cliff near "Devil’s Backbone" in Comal County, according to San Marcos Police Chief Howard Williams.

Stillwell was wanted for two murders that occurred at approximately 12:38 a.m. Thursday in an apartment complex on the 300 block of Craddock Avenue. According to the arrest warrant for capital murder, Stillwell allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend, fashion merchandising senior Hailey Nicholls, 22, and her current boyfriend, 26-year-old Jesse Robledo. Williams said while Stillwell has not been arrested, officers believe they know where he is located.

Local culture needs to be recognized

Students, residents and visitors of San Marcos ought to start seeing the city as a history-rich destination rather than just a hub of collegiate activity.

There is a stigma attached to the home of the Bobcats. I will never forget graduating high school and proudly telling friends and family that I would be attending Texas State. This was almost always responded to with a comment about how the university was a party school, and San Marcos was a town full of trouble. This was frustrating to say the least.

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