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Proposed downtown construction project sparks citizen debate


The Planning and Zoning Commission approved the rezoning of .64 acres of the Tuttle Lumber property at its Tuesday meeting.

The owner of Tuttle Lumber requested the Planning and Zoning Commission consider changing the zoning designation of the .64 acres from Light Industrial (LI) to Mixed Use (T4). 

A light industrial property is defined by the city of San Marcos as a warehousing, low-level manufacturing, wholesaling and/or service operation that does not require frequent customer visits. A mixed-use urban district is intended to allow for buildings with both residential units and office or retail space.

Pre-K opening delayed due to construction, weather issues

San Marcos preschoolers will have to wait longer than expected to move into the new Bonham Pre-Kindergarten (pre-K) Center, the first of its kind in San Marcos.

The move-in date was originally scheduled for the end of January but has been moved to the weekend of Feb. 13-15, said Iris Campbell, San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District public information officer. Feb. 16 will be the first day of classes.

Campbell said the delayed opening was due to inclement weather issues and a cutback in construction workers during the holidays.

A ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony for the community will take place when Bonham opens, Campbell said.

Local textbook stores offer competitive prices

Many businesses in the San Marcos area are being designed to cater to the needs of the student body as Texas State continues to evolve in population and status.

The need for a variety of cost-efficient textbooks is a prominent issue for students at the fourth-largest university in Texas. Buying textbooks at a bargain price is crucial when students already have to pay for rent, food and nights out on the Square. Here are a few spots in the San Marcos area with competitive textbooks prices and a wide selection of subjects to choose from.

Textbook Solutions

Textbook Solutions was started in 2007 by a pair of college graduates who believed textbooks should be cheaper. The store is an ideal place to find a variety of learning tools.

Picks of the Week

For the “Riot Grrrl”:

Female punk rock is on the rise, and if you associate yourself with the feminist movement, then Sleater-Kinney’s album “No Cities to Love” is for you. Riot Grrrl, the overarching name for the 90’s feminist punk rock movement, is fronted by bands like Sleater-Kinney. These punk rock ladies hail from the Pacific Northwest and can fuel an audience through hump-day blues and get you pumped for the weekend. This album was released Jan. 20 and has been a hit ever since.  

For the class clown:

Testing and grading methods do not reflect real-world expectations

Educational methods for testing students’ content recall are increasingly leaning toward regurgitation of information instead of retention.

The days of SATs and TAKS tests are quickly fading into the distance for most college students. The same cannot be said for the stressful and robotic formulation of standardized testing. Most students have experienced the exhausting cycle of vigorously studying the night before a test only to forget most of the information once the exam is over.

Confessions from a Twitter-holic: join the less is more #club

My name is Quixem Ramirez, and I am a recovering Twitter-holic. I’ve been sober for six months.

I have slowly weaned myself from dependence on Twitter since July of 2014. I no longer need the reaffirmation of retweets or the comfort of favorites to define my self-worth. I realized I am capable of much more than twiddling my thumbs and wracking my brain for a clever joke in 140 characters with this discovery.

Phone bans in classes ineffective, detrimental

Professors that ban the use of cell phones in classrooms are using an outdated rule only causing tension with students.

Banning prostitution creates unsafe environment

In America, “the oldest profession in the world” remains illegal.

This ban does little to reduce the number of people paying for sex, and it causes the transaction to be dangerous for both the prostitutes and their consumers. America should legalize prostitution to make it safer for everyone involved.

Purgatory Creek Natural Area to grow 90 acres


San Marcos’ hiking and bird watching opportunities for residents and visitors will expand with the purchase of additional parkland at the Purgatory Creek Natural Area.

The city split the 289-acre purchase in 2007 from Clovis Barker into three tracts: Barker Tract A, Barker Tract B1 and Barker Tract B2. 

Tract A was purchased in 2011, and B1 was purchased in 2013, said Bert Stratemann, parks operations manager. The B2 tract was purchased with city and county funds on Nov. 5 2014 from Clovis Barker.

Gotta Habit Smoke Shop shooting suspect to face trial

A 20-year-old local man was indicted Jan. 6 on a count of aggravated robbery of the Gotta Habit Smoke Shop.

Steven Carlos Hernandez was arrested Sept. 25 on a first-degree felony aggravated robbery charge.and was released Dec. 18 because of a state law. The law requires bond reduction for incarcerated felony defendants when a prosecutor has not secured an indictment from a grand jury within 90 days of arrest.

An impaneled county grand jury returned an indictment Jan. 6. and bail was reset at $75,000, an amount Hernandez was unable to pay. The defendant entered a not guilty plea and asked the court to set a trial date.


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