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Local tattoo shop event helps patrons and artists

First Friday tattoo special graphic, Nov. 1st, at Classic Tattoo on the square.
First Friday tattoo special graphic, Nov. 1st, at Classic Tattoo on the square.
Photo By Hannah Jannson

On the first Friday of each month, a tattoo shop’s artists get the opportunity to do their own designs on customers.

First Friday is an event held by Classic Tattoo, a tattoo shop located on LBJ Dr., on the first Friday of each month. Tattoo artists have their own designs available, and customers can go and get a tattoo done for a discounted price, so long as it’s the designer’s.

First Friday began this year and is an event the shop plans to continue. Artists that participate in First Friday get the chance to give people tattoos of their own original designs.

Brandon Smith, tattoo artist, helped create First Friday and is a participating artist for the event.

“What I think is super cool about the First Friday stuff is I just paint stuff that I like to do,” Smith said. “A lot of it’s just bizarre. It’s not for everyone, but sometimes people will come in and get some weird shit, and it makes me so happy.”

First Friday starts when the shop is open from 12-8 p.m., but sometimes artists will stay past closing time. Smith said if there are people who want to get tattooed he does not mind staying later because him and other artists love what they do.

Classic Tattoo’s hourly rate is $150, and the shop minimum is $60. On First Friday, tattoo artists may offer deals to their customers.

For instance, tattoo artist Jaylind Hamilton said they have one flash sheet, which Hamilton describes as being like paintings or different forms of available tattoos, where tattoos are all just $60 and another sheet where customers can choose decent-sized tattoos ranging from $60 to $120. Other artists offer deals as well.

“We’re not going to dip below ($60), but if you want to get two of my cards, I might charge you less than $200 because I like doing them,” Smith said. “If you want a cheaper tattoo, get something the artist wants to do.”

Hamilton said they believe students may be interested in First Friday due to the fact it is a good chance to interact with artists as well as get deals on tattoos.

“I know some students are tight on cash and stuff, so it really helps with that too,” Hamilton said. “We make it affordable for everybody to come and get some really cool tattoos.”

Classic Tattoo artists will have new artwork available as well as old for the event, and sometimes there are guest tattoo artists.

“People should really come check it out,” Hamilton said. “There’s always going to be different flash. We keep it fresh.”

Smith said First Friday is a way to keep participating artists motivated.

“We’re always going to pump out fresh designs,” Smith said. “We want it to be special, so I want people to know that.”

Heather McCann, apprentice and receptionist at Classic Tattoo, said customers can still bring their own ideas instead of choosing from available designs. She said First Friday is a good opportunity to get tattooed without a very long wait.

“You might have to wait for thirty minutes or so, but it’s never a crazy wait,” McCann said.

McCann said she feels the shop is welcoming and inviting for patrons.

“People don’t really seem too intimidated coming in here, but I feel like you can sometimes, in a tattoo shop, feel that way,” McCann said.

Smith said the establishment has a lot of energy and life in regard to the artists who work there.

“It’s kind of crazy because you have this spring here that just pours all this water out of the earth; it’s kind of like the life blood of this area, this region, town,” Smith said. “The shop kind of has that same creative flow for me.”

Classic Tattoo’s First Friday events are for the community, and not one particular group. It is a chance for customers to meet tattoo artists and receive deals on tattoos, while the artists get to work with their own designs and show them off on someone’s body.

The shop can be found on Instagram @classictattootx and at classictattootx.com.


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