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Humans of San Marcos: Victoria Wood

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Victoria Wood, a native San Martian and server at Brooklyn Pie Co., is looking to move away from San Marcos to travel across the U.S. to live the gypsy life.

Photo by Alyssa Weinstein | Lifestyle Reporter

“I do love San Marcos, I grew up in San Marcos actually, but I’m not good at staying in one place for long. I recently just spent three months in California and Oregon and it was so beautiful over there. I love the feel of San Marcos, it’s just that it’s changing. The university is kind of taking over a lot of things and I don’t like all the construction that’s going on. Also since I discovered what else is out there, I want to branch out and find new things. One of my goals is to actually is to save up some money and invest in a van or a RV and then just kind of travel around the U.S. and live the gypsy life.”

-Victoria Wood, server at Brooklyn Pie Co.


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