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Possibility of Clegg’s impeachment returns

Student body President Connor Clegg listening to students at a public forum
Student body President Connor Clegg listening to students at a public forum, Feb. 5

Photo by Marina Bustillo-Mendoza | Staff Photographer

The Dean of Students released a statement via Twitter announcing her interest overturning the Student Supreme Court’s decision to not impeach Student Government President Connor Clegg.

The statement comes after Claudia Gasponi, University College senator and general studies senior, filed for an appeal March 19. Gasponi is the author of the letters of impeachment.

Student senator Emari Shelvin tweeted a screenshot of the document. The document is a decision detailing the opinion of Margarita Arellano, associate vice president for Student Affairs and dean of students. Arellano’s decision calls for Student Government to vote on the letters of impeachment against Clegg.

“In her statement she said we have 10 days to vote on it, ” Shelvin said. ”So, what I gather, is that we are going to vote on Monday because it has been read before the senate so we can vote on it. Until I get an agenda, I’m not positive.”

According to the statement, Arellano disagrees with the court’s ruling and is approving an appeal. Arellano said in a phone interview that the next step is for the Graduate House and the Student Government Senate to vote. Arellano said Clegg will have the opportunity to appeal the vote should the vote pass for impeachment.

According to President-elect Brooklyn Boreing, Arellano’s further action requires Student Government to call the vote on impeachment within 10 business days. The Graduate House will also be required to vote.

President-elect Brooklyn Boreing said in a phone interview that she and members of Student Government, in total, did not receive the statement and found out via Twitter like others.

“What Student Government is supposed to do now is hold a joint session,” Boreing said. “I think (Arellano) feels that the house needs to vote on it.”

Following the release of Arellano’s opinion, Chief Justice John Garcia resigned stating that Arellano’s opinion does not respect the independence of Student Government and the student court process.

Garcia said in his statement that the documents brought before his court during Clegg’s trial did not deal with racism, an issue he said Arellano is focused on. He said his court made the decision based on law.

Clegg has not reponded to requests for comment.

Note:This story was updated March 29 to reflect new information. This story was updated March 30, also, after an interview with Arellano to confirm information.


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