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Hollywood: Convenience over justice

Illustration of the news channel discussing the Weinstein scandal
Illustration by Kennedy Swift | Staff Illustrator

The recent continuation of sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein is nothing new to Hollywood. If this is something actors and socialites has swept under the rug for decades, why do they feel inclined to come out with all their dirty little secrets now?

The answer is simple: convenience. The sheer fact that no one had ever told the media about Weinstein’s horrific misconduct leads me to believe that everyone was okay with the man doing what he wanted. At that point, keeping quiet would benefit Hollywood.

When there is an incomprehensible amount of people who are not interested in seeking justice, but instead a way to maintain their riches, sexual allegations ranging from harassment to rape will obviously not be talked about; especially when Harvey Weinstein is the one doing all the damage and simultaneously signing their checks.

Weinstein was, and still is, one of the most well-known producers in the industry. The power he had in his own world led everyone to believe he could crush them at any given moment.

The only reason anyone in Hollywood has criticized, mentioned or condemned Weinstein is because everyone else is doing it too; it’s easy to take a stand after everyone else already has. If anyone in Hollywood truly cared about what happens to women behind the scenes, they would have spoken up when it happened.

Instead, we, as an audience, receive simple-minded tweets from watered down sheep who call themselves “stars.” They are nothing but scared, little children, hiding behind their fame and waiting for an opportunity to make themselves look and feel better.

Unfortunately, that comes at a cost. Women in the cruel entertainment industry are still at risk from plenty of men just like Weinstein who have not been stopped yet because they are deemed too powerful.

These monsters keep growing in power because no one in Hollywood has enough guts to stand up and say enough is enough. Actors, in fact, are more afraid of not getting a not-so-interesting movie role or their desired, self-serving fame.

Every person who knew about Weinstein’s hobby of raping and assaulting women without ever stopping him did just as much damage as he did to the 30 plus women that came forward. What is even more sickening is that there are probably numerous women who still remain silent.

The people who watched from the sidelines and turned their heads are cowards. To knowingly let a man like Weinstein do whatever he pleases to whomever he pleases is disgusting. I am nearly inclined to say those who knowingly let it happen are more horrible than the man who committed the crimes.

I hope I am not alone in saying that Hollywood and everyone involved, aside from the victims, of course, are inevitably and inherently untrustworthy. They spew ideas about making America a better place, but won’t even rise to the occasion in their own community.

At this point, anyone who highly regards Hollywood opinion is laughable. Everything they have ever said, what they say today, and choose to say tomorrow will only improve their quality of life.

The only thing we, as an audience, can do is take their words with a grain of salt. Hollywood lacks intelligence, allegiance and most of all, a conscience. They do not care about their fellow Americans; they do not care about the people in their own industry, and they certainly do not care about the women of this world.

Hollywood only cares about itself, and the sooner everyone realizes it, the sooner they may start changing their all-about-me attitude. They will continue to do what is best for them if they get to keep their money.

– Kaitlin Evans is a journalism major


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