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San Marcos City Council to file amicus brief against “sanctuary cities” bill

Sign displayed against SB-4
Photo by Shayan Faradineh

San Marcos City Council unanimously voted to file an amicus brief against Senate Bill 4, or the “sanctuary cities” bill Tuesday.

Last week, city council released a statement voicing concerns over SB 4 and said immigration is a federal issue.

“The San Marcos City Council hereby expresses concerns about the effects of SB 4 on our entire community and will initiate additional community outreach and education with our police and other city departments in order to maintain and improve trust,” Mayor John Thomaides stated.

City council expressed the timeliness of the amicus brief and aims to move forward as quick as possible. Two drafts of the amicus brief were sent to council members over the weekend to approve.

“We can’t continue to base our decisions off of fears and off of bullying,” Council Member Lisa Prewitt, Place 1, said. “We have to start basing our decisions off of truth, compassion and humanity and move forward together and strengthen our community, strengthen our country, and I will fully support the amicus brief today but I think it is a small piece of what we need to be doing and most of it we need to be doing together.”


  1. When I was a student at Texas State, I had no idea what an amicus brief was. This may save you some Googling.

    “Amicus curiae” is a Latin term meaning “friend of the court.” An amicus brief is a brief (written arguments) filed in a court of law by a third-party. The amicus or amici (plural) are not plaintiffs or defendants, but stakeholders. Amici believe that they will be impacted by the outcome of a particular case, and the filing of an amicus brief gives their arguments a voice.

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