Home News Police warn locals about “bank jugging” crimes

Police warn locals about “bank jugging” crimes


Surveillance video has surfaced of “bank jugging” crimes following three incidents that occurred in March in and around San Marcos.

Jugging refers to when crooks watch bank customers leave with money, follow them, and break into their car to rob them for the cash. It is unclear as to where the term is derived from, but appears to be a variation on the term mugging.

The first incident happened on March 6 at the Bank of America in the 300 block of Hopkins St. The second incident took place at the Tanger Outlets. In both incidents, the customer left the money in their car and went into a store after withdrawing the large sums of money.

The third incident happened in a nearby city, but police believe the crimes are possibly linked.

The San Marcos Police warn residents to be cautious, watch for sitting customers who do not enter the bank and to not leave money in plain sight in a vehicle or when exiting the bank.

No one was hurt in any of the instances. Detectives hope the video will educate residents about the crime. Police released the video of the Bank of America jugging.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated May 16, 2017.