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Letter to the editor:

File photo of Cape's Dam

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter because, as a native citizen of San Marcos, I have great concern of the removal of Cape’s Dam.

The main reasons I am deeply concerned is because it is well known to the community that removing Cape’s Dam will have a significant effect on the recreational activities in the area.

This will also affect veterans in our area that are seeking therapy through kayaking; removal of the dam will significantly lower water levels in the area of the river and make it impossible for our veterans to use the river as another source for rehabilitation.

Other groups that we support in the community may also be affected by the removal of the dam.  Texas Rehabilitation will be affected if the dam is removed, because they have several programs that assist disabled veterans, and various other youth groups that visit San Marcos dam as a training area.

I kindly ask that you please do not remove Cape’s Dam and see all of the positive things Cape’s Dam has provided our community, and also please consider how Cape’s Dam has also been a healing source for the men and women whom have served our country.

Thank you for taking a moment to reading my letter.


Wesley James Doss