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Headlines April 27

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Government shutdown possibilities

The possibility of a government shutdown this coming weekend could be avoided if Trump steps back from budget concerns and lets the Senate configure a budget by Friday.

The budget concerns Trump’s plans of building a wall along the border of Mexico, but also needs to finance federal agencies. If a resolution is not reached, the government will shut down until agencies are financed.

School finance legislation

On April 19, the Texas House of Representatives approved school finance legislation to reduce the amount of local tax dollars “rich” school districts have to share with lower income districts.

The bill would adjust formulas and increase per-student state funding for most school districts and charter schools. It passed in a vote of 134-16.

Texas State students win national honors

Two theater graduate students won national honors in their respective divisions during the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, according to the Office of Media Relations.

The event took place April 16-22 at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

The Texas State playwriting program bet all other college and university programs, leaving Yale University in second place and the Julliard School in third.

Texas State to host civil discourse event

Art professor Roger Colombik will introduce a range of creative thinkers who make an impact on society’s role in civil disobedience, including Howard Zinn.

Zinn’s essay discusses the importance of maintaining constructive dialogue when there are opposing viewpoints. The event is free for all. It will be held from 5-7 p.m. April 27 in Lampasas Room 501.

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