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Goals for the future impacts his present successes

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Many college athletes dream of playing in the professional league once they graduate, no matter what their sport is. For one athlete though, he doesn’t want to just dream about playing professional baseball, he wants it to become a reality.

Derek Scheible, junior outfielder, started playing baseball at four years old. Jason and Kevin, his two older brothers, inspired him to play.

Scheible has never stopped playing baseball since he started. In high school he joined football and ran track.

Scheible chose to play baseball in college because he was always better at it, but Scheible wanted to play baseball a university he enjoyed. He decided to attend Texas State because he felt like a Bobcat.

“I love the town and I love the coaches here,” Scheible said. “I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Scheible became familiar with the players and coaches and has made memorable friends.

“My favorite part about playing baseball is probably all the teammates and friends I’ve made here,” Scheible said. “I’d say I’m closest to Teddy Hoffman. We’ve roomed together since our freshman year and we’ve always just been close here.”

Although he has had many good times, Scheible has also faced challenges during his training with the team.

“The hardest part is probably all the hours you put into it and how tired you are every day,” Scheible said. “Having to come out here and just keep grinding—I put in about six hours a day.”

However, through his hard work and extra hours Scheible persists, improving himself everyday.

“It’s tiring and you have to wake up every day and keep working at it,” Scheible said. “I’m motivated to get to the next level, which is pro.”

Scheible has been working towards a future at the pro level since he began playing as a child. He has been a fan of the Houston Astros his entire life, and hopes to one day be a part of the program.

“Something that inspires me in life is to just make it to the pros for my parents,” Scheible said. “My parents have done so much for me and got me here today.”

Aside from Scheible’s long term goals, he wants to excel in baseball at college.

“Hopefully we make it to regionals,” Scheible said. “It would mean a lot to me and our teammates.”

Scheible tries to motivate himself all he can, but he also appreciates and listens to others in his life.

“The best piece of advice I’ve gotten was from coach Trout,” Scheible said. “He said ‘keep grinding every day to get better and never take a day off.’ It’s something baseball players need to do every day.”

While Scheible continues to grow as a college athlete during his last years as a Bobcat, his love for baseball will not end anytime soon.


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