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Clegg and Duncan are sworn in

Clegg and Duncan are sworn in
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Connor Clegg and Colton Duncan were sworn into the office as Texas State student body president and vice president April 12, replacing the Homann-Martinez administration.

Members of the university community and the families of the elected office gathered near the LBJ statue in the quad for the ceremony at 3 p.m. It began with Andrew Homann, former student body president, reflecting on his year in office.

“This past year has been challenging, rewarding and one of the most humbling experiences in my life,” Homann said.

Homann recognized his vice president, Samantha Martinez, and encouraged the incoming administration by saying, “I now turn to helping the Clegg-Duncan administration in any way possible.”

A reflection of Andrew Homann’s endeavors as Student Body President can be found at: https://star.txstate.edu/2017/03/28/andrew-homanns-term-as-student-body-president-is-ending/

Photo by:  Bri Watkins | News Editor
Photo by: Bri Watkins | News Editor

Following Homann’s introduction, Texas State President Denise Trauth addressed the crowd about the university’s rapid growth and diversity, and the important roles and responsibilities of leadership.

“To Connor Clegg and Colton Duncan, we have every confidence in you as our new leaders,” Trauth said. “My advice to you is simple: serve your fellow students in this university with passion, but balance it with honesty, accountability and humility.”

Following her speech, Trauth then swore Clegg into office.

Photo by:  Bri Watkins | News Editor
Photo by: Bri Watkins | News Editor

“I ask of every student to hear what we say today beneath this statue; I ask you to dream with us. I ask you to continue to put your trust in us. I ask you to join us arm in arm, in a journey toward fulfilling a unique and special vision for Texas State University,” Clegg said.

Following his inaugural address, Clegg then swore in Duncan as the student body vice president.

The Clegg-Duncan administration seeks to continue the work of the Homann-Martinez administration, along with contributing their own ideas. They aim to increase campus cohesion and are determined to continue the conversations to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and is being represented.

“We will use our resources to decrease the number of sexual assault cases on our campus by increasing awareness, increasing resources and increasing vigilance in our community,” Clegg said.

The priorities of the new administration include campus safety, campus involvement, campus rights and free speech and the Student Government’s role in students’ lives.

Homann finished the ceremony, thanking the president’s cabinet and the audience for their attendance.