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Headlines April 28

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 Fallen officers to be honored

The Texas House of Representatives will see a bill calling for a dedicated day of memorial called “Fallen Law Enforcement Officer Day” in remembrance of the five Dallas police officers who died during the downtown shooting last year.

The day would be honored annually on the anniversary of the shooting. The bill has been tentatively passed by Senate and the House.

Medical marijuana sees push in Texas

Medical marijuana advocates in Texas are pushing support for marijuana legislation.  On April 25 conservative Christian mothers of autistic children and veterans suffering post-traumatic stress disorder rallied in Austin, with the intent to push two bills through to senate.

Commissioner announces vaccine week

The Hays County Commissioner Court proclaimed April 22-29 as Infant Immunization Week. The proclamation encourages parents and guardians to vaccinate their children at the appropriate ages.

A recommended schedule was created to aid parents in vaccinating children under two years of age to ensure the children are immunized properly. Infants and toddlers are at a greater risk than older children of getting sick.

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day is April 29. The Price Center will be hosting a Tai Chi and Qigong exhibition at 10 a.m. on its front lawn. The event’s page boasts intentions to bring people together among diversity.

The event will have visitors from 70 different countries. In addition to the event, the center also provides weekly classes in Tai Chi and other art forms.

Library pitches research database plan

Leading librarians and staff members of Alkek Library met with the faculty senate to discuss changes in funding and the addition of a membership to a collective research database, the Texas Data Repository.

According to the library representatives, becoming apart of the database will allow Texas State researchers to examine data from other researchers, as well as save and share their collected data for the future. The repository allows researchers to determine who can view their research, and how freely it can be shared. The repository also allows researchers to preserve research longer.

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