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How to combat Texas’ indecisive weather

Assorted sweaters Jan. 28 at Two P's & Calli's Boutique.
Assorted sweaters Jan. 28 at Two P's & Calli's Boutique. These light sweaters can help during unpredictable high and low temperatures.
Photo by: Nathalie Cohetero | Staff Photographer

Texas natives know better than to store away their entire wardrobes when it seems like a new season is coming in.

Here a list of tips to help combat Texas’ moody weather.

1. Keep your staple items handy

Keeping a consistent wardrobe is  a timesaver because it helps avoid scrambling to find an outfit in the morning. Staple items like T-shirts, tank tops and cardigans make layering simple.

Morgan Rowell, sales associate at San Marvelous and radiation therapy senior, said she combats the indecisive weather with her favorite long-sleeved T-shirts.

“A lot of the long sleeves that we have are thin, so it’s really great cause once that weather transitions within a day, you’re perfectly fine,” Rowell said.

2. Workout wear is completely understandable on campus

Tennis shoes and other workout-friendly clothing are easy to match and are completely acceptable for the daily workout campus has in store.

Rachel Ramsower, sales associate at River Rose Clothing and fashion merchandising junior, said she prefers a comfortable and simple look.

“I’m a big fan of the ‘athleisure’ type trend, like I’ll wear Nike shoes and then I’ll wear leggings and a cute sweater,” Ramsower said.

3. Don’t be afraid to add several layers.

Adding layers can change the look of an outfit and provide extra warmth during cool mornings.

Rowell said racer back shirts are popular at San Marvelous. The shirts come in different colors and in a variety of prints.

“We have a bunch of racerbacks for girls that sell a lot ‘cause girls will layer with that,” Rowell said. “I’ll throw a bandeau underneath those just ‘cause the way they sit. They are so much cuter with a bandeau.”

4. Leggings are your best friend

Desiree Garza, fashion merchandising freshman, said she is a big fan of wearing leggings because they are easy and it is hard to go wrong with a pair.

“When you have morning classes, just slip them on,” Garza said. “I also own some torn ones. They’re really cute.”

Cut-out and printed patterns have been popular among casual and workout leggings.

Garza said she pairs her ripped leggings with dark-colored, grungy band T-shirts and chokers with boots to create an edgier look.

If staying warm is a priority, a pair of fleece-lined leggings are perfect for cold days because they provide an extra layer of warmth.

5. Dress it up with accessories.

Adding a piece of jewelry can give a simple outfit a spiffy upgrade.

Garza said there are some accessories she always pairs with her outfits.

“I always have to have a watch on. I think it dresses up an outfit too. I always have to have a necklace on too,” said Garza.

When it comes to adding jewelry, Ramsower said keeping it simple is the best way to go.

“I like long necklaces like the ones that have stones or a crystal. Those are my favorite because they can go with just a regular V-neck,” Ramsower said. “It just dresses it up a little bit.”

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