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Finals Jingle



Set to “The Night Before Christmas”


‘Twas the night before finals,

And all through the Halls;

Students were cramming,

With books wall to wall.


The RA’s were sequestered

With the RD in his room,

They shivered and shuddered

Knowing what would come soon.


Custodians were ready

With broom and with mop,

The next day would be hectic,

They would work and not stop.


When out on the Quad

Came a shout and a cheer.

Those who were Greeks,

Were dispensing free beer.


Professors in rooms

With low burning lights,

Were turning out finals,

They’d work thru the night.


The post-grads were huddled

Behind their closed doors,

With printers a humming

Turning out thesis galore.


In the gloom of the night

Dr. Trauth was heard to say,

Thank God it’s over



Have a great end of semester.


Paul Prince is a custodian at Texas State University