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SMTX Love Trumps Hate Protest

Protestors gather around the Hays County Historic Courthouse Nov. 12 during a peaceful protest. Protestors marched from Tantra Coffeehouse to the square.
Photo by: Lara Dietrich Multimedia Editor


Filmed and produced by Lara Dietrich.


  1. 1.) Trump won the majority vote in Texas
    2.) The democratic left were slamming Trump for potentially not accepting the results of the election
    3.) The Austin city limits kid states “you didn’t win the war, and that people aren’t ready to unify because they’re upset about the results of the election.”
    4.) The high school student who may or may not even be old enough to vote said “hopefully we can “convert” people who voted for Trump.”
    5.) The person with the loud horn compared Trump to Hitler, potentially the most evil person to ever exist in the world who was responsible for start of WWII which resulted in the the death of over 6 million jews and 60 million people total….
    Am I the only person who thinks the University Star is getting a little out of hand with the stories they choose to promote? Freedom of speech and press yes but do you realize the hypocrisy of the title of this video “love trumps hate” considering the 5 facts that were just pointed out to you? I’m failing to see the love in any of this love trumps hate non-sense. We’re not in a civil war we just had an election, if people don’t want to unify that’s their choice, the job of the American voter is not to “convert” people with opposing ideaological views, and comparing a man who has merely said controversial things (some admittedly stupid, some taken out of context) to Hitler is deplorable for lack of a better word. If love trumps hate stop being so hateful and practice what you preach; unity, peace, democracy, and the acceptance of others views and opinions… Problem solved

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