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San Marcos welcomes Blue October back home

Photo by: Brandon Valencia | Staff Photographer

Blue October, rock band, drew a diverse crowd of all ages to The Marc Nov. 18-19 as they returned to their roots for the two-night show and Home Tour.

The crowd grew louder as Blue October stepped onto the stage. Fans shouted with enthusiasm and whistled as the lights dimmed and the band members began to slowly strum their instruments.

The stage was dark and smoky as the band’s instruments harmonized.

The audience was seen singing along and swaying back and forth as each song played.

Justin Furstenfeld, lead singer of Blue October, peered out from the stage and began to point into the crowd before kicking off the performance, and fans engaged by pointing back at him.

Strobe lights were dancing across the band members’ faces as the music took full force.

“I Want It” was being performed and the audience members excitedly threw their hands in the air when the tempo of the song slowed as the lyrics “raise my hands in praise” were sang.

Several people had seen the band perform live before, while others experienced Blue October’s harmonic melodies in person for the first time.

Jeremy Cervantes, Austin resident and longtime fan, said he was excited to see Blue October perform again.

“I’ve been a fan since 2007,” Cervantes said. “I was at the (Austin City Limits Music Festival) show this past year and the band performed over 15 years worth of its music.”

Destiny Roberts, Austin resident, said this was her first time seeing Blue October.

“I have never felt this much emotion at a show before,” Roberts said. “This is unbelievable, because I feel like they are speaking to my heart and my soul.”

In the middle of performing the first set of songs, Furstenfeld shared his thoughts on his return to San Marcos.

“It’s so good to be back home,” Furstenfeld said. “It’s crazy, we’ve been touring for a while and it’s been four or five years that we’ve been doing this.”

Before the band began to perform “Into the Ocean,” a single from the 2006 platinum album “Foiled,” Furstenfeld gave a prologue for the song.

“This is the time of my life where I never knew so much darkness as I did then,” Furstenfeld said.

The drummer started playing “Into the Ocean” and the crowd shouted with excitement.

Bianca Estrada, Victoria resident, said she was thoroughly enjoying the concert.

“The songs hit home for me and for a lot of people,” Estrada said. “The (band’s) music can touch people’s souls.”

Furstenfeld reminded his fans that he will always be there for them, just as they were there for him.

“I can’t thank you enough for the prayers and for making this town so beautiful,” Furstenfeld said.

The band started playing “The Worry List,” which mellowed the audience out with lyrics dedicated to Furstenfeld 9-year-old daughter.

Fans were mesmerized and many people could be seen singing the lyrics with emotion on their faces.

“He gave his soul in that song,” Cervantes said. “It was intense.”