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Best barbecue: Kent Black’s BBQ

James Dickinson slices a brisket for a customer Nov. 13 at Kent Black's BBQ. Kent Black's was also voted best barbecue in San Marcos in 2015.
Photo by: Daryl Ontiveros | Staff Photographer

Barbecue is a Texas tradition, so many Texans take their barbecue very seriously. Kent Black’s BBQ was voted the best barbecue in San Marcos by Texas State students.

Javier Rodriquez, Kent Black’s BBQ manager, was honored to receive the award because of Texas’s rich history with barbecue.

“It is a great recognition,” Rodriquez said. “Being voted the best, getting the recognition from the public—it feels great.”

Walking into Kent Black’s, barbecue connoisseurs immediately feel at home with a warm atmosphere, the smell of brisket smoking and a friendly hello from employees. It is the unbeatable hospitality along with quality meat that brings people back for more.

“We greet everybody as soon as they walk in the door,” Rodriquez said.

Guests pick their sides and cuts of meat, then sit down and enjoy a home-style meal. The sides, along with the meat entrees are favorites of many customers.

“I love going to Kent Black’s,” said Kelsey Hantz, exercise and sports science junior. “I especially love getting their mac and cheese. It is absolutely delicious!”

Rodriquez said when visiting Kent Black’s, guests cannot go wrong with ordering the menu favorite, a big beef rib. However, it is impossible to be let down with any choice on the menu, including brisket, homemade sausage and barbecue sandwiches with the guest’s choice of meat.

Texas State students said Kent Black’s is a San Marcos gem for any barbecue lover who wants to sit down, relax and enjoy a real, Texas meal.