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The Pulse Oct. 20

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Global warming made last month the hottest September on record

According to NASA scientists, the month of September had the highest temperature on record, beating the same month in 2014 by .007 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Looking at long-term trends, scientists are certain 2016 will be the hottest on record.

The temperature has been rising due to global warming and scientists say it could have negative effects on Earth.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees announced

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced a total of 19 artists who are nominated for the 2017 title.

Tupac Shakur, Janet Jackson and Pearl Jam are among the nominees, but only 5 people/bands will be chosen.

The decision will be made by a group of historians and industry members, and the winners will be announced in December.

Netflix promises $6 billion in shows for 2017

According to Netflix, a $6 billion spending plan on content will benefit viewers and investors.

By adding a total of 1,000 hours of original new shows, Netflix is hoping to raise the cost of a subscription plan and still keep the interest of existing members. The more revenue will go towards attracting new members, thus making a profit for investors.

A new feature on Tinder makes your profile first on others feeds

Tinder Boost, which puts a user’s profile first on others’ feeds for 30 minutes went public Oct. 18.

The pricing of the feature is still tentative, but as of right now, it cost $1.99 to $3.99 for a single boost.

Some students are not spending loan money on educational expenses

According to the Student Loan Hero survey, around half of college students are spending their loan money on non-educational expenses.

Three percent of students are spending the money on alcohol and drugs, 13 percent used it to pay for meals at restaurants and a total of 41 percent spent the funds on bills such as cell phones.