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Politicians should be held to a higher standard than musicians


Hannah Bleau, conservative blogger for Chicks on the Right compared Donald Trump’s sexist comments to Beyoncé’s sexy, female-empowering lyrics.

“She’s totally against sexist pigs like Donald Trump. Like, who on Earth would use that kind of language in reference to a woman? You know. Beside her rapist husband or best pal, Beyoncé,” said Bleau about Hillary Clinton.

Bleau was referencing Clinton’s reaction to presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s recent comments. “I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait,” Trump said. “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Trump has released a statement apologizing for his words, saying they do not accurately reflect how he feels about women and his experiences in the years since have changed him.

Trump’s supporters often attempt to justify his lewd behavior by comparing his words to rap lyrics and locker room banter. Trump and Hillary Clinton should both be held to a higher standard than a typical celebrity or citizen.

Clinton’s adoration for Beyoncé’s performance abilities should in no way condemn Clinton, nor condone Trump’s words.

In this instance however, Bleau doesn’t just attempt to justify Trump’s sexist remarks. Bleau implied Beyoncé’s lyrics to songs like “Rocket” and “Drunk in Love” are sexist and offensive to women.

There is a difference between sexist and sexual.

Beyoncé singing “fill the tub up half way then ride it with my surfboard” is definitely sexual, however it is far from sexist. Sexism involves applying discrimination on the basis of sex. I can assume Trump wouldn’t force himself on a man, however his statements allude to the idea that he would if the victim was a woman.

“All I’m saying is, Hillary and her feminist followers are fainting over what Donald Trump said about women 11 years ago, but they’re completely fine with a woman who objectifies other women with super raunchy lyrics,” said Bleau.

I can honestly say I have never felt objectified by Beyoncé, and until now I have never heard of anyone else feeling objectified by her either. It should be clear that saying something sexual and saying something sexually aggressive are two different things.

Beyoncé’s music has never implied that she would ever force herself onto another person nor that she would condone that sort of behavior. Therefore, Hillary being a fan of Beyoncé does not imply that she condones sexism.

At the end of her article Bleau said, “If only Trump were a black rapper. Maybe then the left would adore him.”

Once again, I believe politicians should be held to a higher standard than musical artists and everyday citizens. Politicians hold a country in their hands, and should respect the rights of everyone. Musicians, sexist lyrics or not, do not protect our country during times of war nor do they pass legislation.

-Katie Burrell is a mass communications sophomore

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Katie Burrell
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