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New resolution to sustain campus beauty

Student Government has passed an Adopt-a-Spot resolution, allowing student organizations the opportunity to invest in the maintenance and beautification of several areas on campus. The ponds outside of the J.C. Kellam Administration Building are an area on campus that a student organization will be able to adopt.
Photo by: Daryl Ontiveros | Staff Photographer

A new resolution approved by Student Government aims to promote the sustainability of the Texas State environment for years to come.

Adopt-a-Spot will be overseen by Student Government who will work alongside Waste Management, the recycling department, and various groups on campus to enhance the appearance and reduce trash throughout campus. Similar to the Adopt-a-Highway concept, groups will adopt sections of campus and work to maintain them.

Adoptions can be made by chartered student organizations, registered student organizations, clubs, athletic teams, departments or simply groups of friends. Each group will be recognized with a sign noting its dedication and the leadership it shows by keeping campus beautiful. Those who adopt within the Greek community will be recognized with community service hours that count toward the Greek Affairs awards.

President of Student Government, Andrew Homann, said he is proud not only of this resolution but the dedication the senators have shown so far in the semester.

“I absolutely support this bill that was passed,” Homann said. “Adopt-a-Spot was one of my administration’s main initiatives this summer, and it was rewarding to see all the hard work we put into this finally come to fruition.”

The making of the resolution was a group effort, but the authorship was created by Senator Cutter Gonzalez, geographic urban and regional planning senior.

Student Body Vice President Samantha Martinez has similar feelings about the resolution. She said it is important Student Government write legislation like Adopt-a-Spot because it demonstrates the platform of the Senate and will benefit the campus as a whole.

Each adopting group will be responsible for servicing its spot at least once a month. Servicing will include picking up any litter, cleaning any bins or benches within the spot’s area and general tidiness. The groups will also be required once a semester to join in a campus beautification project put forth by Student Government.

The program will be overseen and executed by the Student Services Commission for Student Government and it will be responsible for organizing the beautification project every semester.

Student Government is currently working with a design team and university administration to create an official Adopt-a-Spot sign compliant to university standards. Once the final design is selected, adoptions on a first come first serve basis will be open for spots around campus.