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Fire station phone scams hits San Marcos

San Marcos fire truck.
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Hays county has been a target of a phone scam encouraging county residents to contribute donations to the San Marcos fire station. Scammers claiming to be raising money for the San Marcos Fire Department are contacting residents to get them to volunteer their credit card information.

One of the phones making the false solicitations is registered to the Conroe area. The city recommends contacting city police if called by suspicious number.

“The San Marcos Fire Department would never contact residents by phone to solicit donations,” said San Marcos Fire Chief Les Stephens in a written press release. The Hays county Fire Chiefs Association has also confirmed it is not currently requesting donations by phone.

The City of San Marcos has sent out a notification alerting citizens about the phone scam and asking residents to report to the city if they have been contacted by the scammers.

Residents are encouraged to contact the San Marcos Police Department upon suspicion at 512-753-2108.