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Hays County under Flash Flood Warning

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Update 2:48 p.m. | An emergency alert was sent out notifying everyone that Post Road water crossing is closed. Avoid Hilliard Road, Lime Kiln and Post Road.

Update 12:45 p.m. | The City of San Marcos tweeted out the following road closures: Pleasant at LBJ, Gravel Road, Cape Road/Thompsons Island, Monterrey at Cape Road, McKee Street, 800 Block of Ranch Road 12.

Update 12:35 p.m. | There is a campus wide cancelation of classes from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. today.

Update 12:11 p.m. | The following are low lying parking areas experiencing flash flooding: J.C. Kelley lot at Sessom Drive facing the ponds, and the Center for Safe Schools lot. TxSt Alert System is warning students about low lying areas and recommending moving vehicles if necessary.

Update 12:09 p.m. | According to a TxSt alert system email, The Coliseum Lot and West Bobcat Parking lot are experiencing flooding that may endanger vehicles at those locations. Aquarena Springs Drive is closed at the bridge and San Marcos Springs Drive at the crossing is closed.

Update 12:07 p.m. | UPD sent out a Tweet informing students and residents of street closures. “Aquarena at Sessoms is closed at this time, Sessoms from LBJ down to Aquarena is closed.”

Update 11:58 a.m. | The National Weather Service has upgraded the classification to Flash Flood Warning until 1:45 p.m.

The National Weather Service has upgraded San Marcos’ flood classification to Flood Watch from Flood advisory until 1 p.m. Monday.

According to the National Weather Service, the following are the definitions of flooding classifications:

  • Flash Flood Watch: Issued generally when there is the possibility of flash flooding or urban flooding over an area within the next 36 hours.
  • Flash Flood Warning: Issued when flash flooding is imminent, generally within the next 1 to 3 hours. Usually issued based on observed heavy rainfall (measured or radar estimated), but may also be issued for significant dam breaks that have occurred or are imminent.
  • Flood Watch: Issued when there is the possibility of widespread general flooding over an area within the next 36 hours.
  • Flood Advisory: Issued when flooding is imminent or occurring, generally within the next 1 to 3 hours, but is not expected to substantially threaten life and property.

Texas State professors will send emails to students in the event they decide to cancel classes.

According to the university’s website, if there are campus wide cancelations or closures due to weather it will be announced via several methods including:

  • The university home page, txstate.edu
  • Emails from the University News Service or the University Police Department to all students, faculty and staff
  • Messages recorded on the university news hotline at 512-245-2424
  • Voicemail messages sent to all campus telephones
  • Local media announcements
  • Texas State weather emergency siren system


The announcements will be posted as soon as this decision to close has been made.