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Latest Instagram update causes battle between Snapchat

The new Instagram update allows you to see stories from people you follow. They are located at the top and work just like stories from Snapchat.
Photo by: Vanessa Bell | Staff Photographer
The new Instagram update allows you to see stories from people you follow. They are located at the top and work just like stories from Snapchat.

Instagram and Snapchat are head-to-head in the race for best photo-sharing app.

On Aug. 2, Instagram released a new feature to the application, which had a slight resemblance to Snapchat’s well-known story feature.

The story feature allows users to share photos and videos for up to 10 seconds, but they disappear after 24 hours.

Mariana Zamora, social work senior, believes there is a reason Instagram released its own version of a story feature.

“Instagram borrowed the idea from Snapchat because I’m sure that they lost more user activity when Snapchat became popular,” Zamora said.

Zamora likes to post on both Instagram and Snapchat, but uses them for different functionalities.

“I utilize Instagram to share photos I want other people with common interests to see, using hashtags,” Zamora said. “I keep my Snapchat more private, because I upload videos and photos of things I’m doing in real time.”

Zamora decided to keep using the social media apps the same way she always has, while some may be having trouble choosing between the two.

“I don’t really care that Instagram added stories,” Zamora said. “I just won’t be utilizing this new feature. I will stick to creating stories on Snapchat.”

Many millennials are continuing to use Snapchat to make their stories, although others have found a creative way to utilize Instagram Stories.

Merrisha Joubert, nursing freshman, noticed others were sharing their Snapchat usernames on Instagram stories, and decided to do the same.

“The second time I used Instagram stories I told people to add me on Snapchat,” Joubert said “Not everyone I follow on Instagram has my number, so this is a really easy way to get through to a lot of people and promote my Snapchat to anyone who wants to add me.”

Autumn Kennedy, self-proclaimed avid social media user, is taking advantage of her larger follower count on Instagram and occasionally using its story feature.

“I use Snapchat all the time and I love it, so I am definitely not going to give it up,” Kennedy said. “However, one day I wanted more people to see what I was doing, so I recorded it through Instagram since I have more followers there.”

Joubert believes Instagram story will not hinder Snapchat’s user activity in any way.

“I probably only get four or five stories on Instagram Stories a day out of all the people I follow, so not that many I know are using it right now,” Joubert said. “Maybe some will delete Snapchat and only use Instagram, but not enough to make Snapchat go away.”

Kennedy said Instagram should add its own spin, and create something people have not seen before to set the application apart from Snapchat.

“Right now it is too similar to Snapchat,” Kennedy said. “I think this is just the start of Instagram Stories and the creators have something bigger planned in the future.”