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Stay trendy with unicorn nails this summer

Photo by: Cassandria Alvarado | Staff Photographer
L.A. Colors Nail Polish on display. Flower inlays, purples and dusty blue polishes are in style this summer.

Fashionista Lauren Conrad once said nail polish is the “unexpected accessory”. Getting a manicure may be the perfect solution to perfecting an outfit.

During the summer, nail art and designs are colorful and extravagant. It usually gives artists a chance to experiment and discover new trends with various styles.

Heather Gibson, manager master stylist and master nail tech at The Parlour Salon, said there has been a variety of nail art favored by students this season.

“Glitter ombre, mermaid sequin inlay, and dried flower inlays are most popular,” Gibson said. “Geometrical patterns have gradually increased as well.”

Among these nail designs, the inlay has been a trending technique for its unique placement of an accessory, such as sequins or dried flowers, on the nail.

Then putting a top coat to flatten the objects and give it a smooth finish, according to Gibson.

Glitter ombre and geometrical patterns are two completely different design, Gibson said . One being more free and casual, while the other one is more symmetrical and sleek.

The color of the nail design is also something to consider when getting nails Gibson said.

“My top colors this season have been dusty blues and purples, or unicorn colors as I say,” Gibson said.

The unicorn colors have been requested by many students at The Parlour Salon and Kassandra Frey, interior design freshman, is one.

“I recently got a glitter ombre design using the colors blue and purple,” Frey said. “My tech recommended it and I really love it because it has a colorful, yet dark feel to it and I think it is great for the summer.”

Bianca Herverth, nail technician, said even though there are many nail trends this summer, there is no need to worry about missing out because paint is not permanent.

Although outlandish designs and intricate designs are popular in nail art, Herverth has also been seeing an increase in natural colored or toned-down nails this summer.

“I have been getting a lot of people that are just looking for a color that either highlights their skin tone or they just want a nude color,” Herverth said. “I also see that metallic nails are becoming more popular as well but again, nothing too colorful.”

“Your nails are a great way to express how you are feeling and the design and color you choose for the summer does not have to stay the same,” Herverth said. “Nail polish remover was made for a reason so change it up as much as you can and try out all of the latest designs.”