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PACE Advising Center awarded for excellence

Photo by: Lara Dietrich | Multimedia Editor
Students walking under the arches of the Undergraduate Academic Center on May 28.

As the new academic year swings into motion, the Personalized Academic & Career Exploration Advising Center will be kicking back into gear soon.

PACE is a service designed to provide students with comprehensive and proactive advising.

This year, Texas State’s PACE Center was honored by the National Academic Advising Association when it received a 2016 Outstanding Institutional Advising Program Award.

“We have a unique program structure built for incoming freshmen, which allows us to focus on the needs of first year students,” said Angie Barrera, academic advisor. “This is not something you’re guaranteed to get from other institutions.”

According to its mission statement, PACE exists to foster a collaborative environment engaging students in their educational journeys. It is where all freshmen will receive academic guidance prior to being transferred to the advising center of the department particular to their chosen major, during their sophomore year.

“The practical considerations of the office emphasize academic advising training, when it comes to our undergraduate degree programs,” Barrera said. “The student learning objectives utilized to train advising staff are also used in our model with students who attend PACE. We also focus on internal team building because we are such a large unit.”

The PACE center is comprised of several teams, among which responsibilities are divided. These include a planning and development team which provides strategic planning for professional staff development, as well as an assessment team that works on the quality of the programs delivered.

“We really focus on a personalized approach,” Barrera said.