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San Marcos commemorates Veterans for Memorial Day

Miles Nelson of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment Marines (Darkhourse) recites the Pledge of Allegiance.
Photo by: Sam King | Staff Photographer

San Marcos city officials honored the lives of our nation’s heroes who have fought battles to establish and maintain America’s freedom during a Memorial Day ceremony Monday morning.

“Many have forgotten the importance of Memorial Day and believe it indicates the first day of summer,” said Shane Scott, former city council member.

This is a time to unite as a country to celebrate the victories and tragedies that our servicemen and women had to go through, he said.

Scott’s concerns were that the younger generation is no longer interested in those days involving sacrifice because parent’s have a natural tendency to protect and shelter their children.

“If we want Memorial Day to be honored and continue to be honored, we need to have our children understand what real freedom is and why the men and women in this country gave their lives for us,” Scott said.

Scott suggested that Hays County initiate a tradition on Memorial Day to remember the names of the soldiers in our community. His idea is that children choose a name from the All Veterans Memorial and carry it with them for the rest of the day. As that name is read aloud, the child can stand up and say their present and be the voice of the following soldier. This will educate children on the meaning of a soldier’s death.

The Memorial ceremony continued with a reflection on the names of the Hays County soldiers who have died in action during war.

“I hope that as the names were being read, not only did the echo in your hearts resonate within your soul, but that you are able to not only honor the sacrifices of these names but also provide us with an opportunity to celebrate their lives and the impact that they have not only made on our country, but certainly here in Hays County,” said Mayor Daniel Guerrero.

Guerrerro closed the ceremony by encouraging everyone to enjoy this day in remembrance of the lives that have been lost.