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Instagram Update rocks the boat

Photo by: Alyssa Dugan-Rodrquez | Staff Photographer
Samantha Paul international relations senior taking a selfie with Kaysey White special education senior and Erinn Hill psychology sophmore in the Quad on April 11.

The world of millennials turned upside down when Instagram introduced their new design yesterday, May 11.

Instagram drastically changed the design of their apps layout in one giant update. However, the sudden design change has both fans and critics.

Haley Smith, Clinical Laboratory Science major, said she dislikes the designs.

“I do not get why they change it,” Smith said. “I felt that it was already a perfect design that matches and reflected exactly want Instagram wanted it users experience to be like in the app.”

Smith said that while she is displeased with the new design, she would still use the app.

“I have a lot of friends who post amazing photos on their accounts,” Smith said. “And if I delete the app, I would no longer be connected to my friends in such a personal way.”

Jordan Jones, microbiology freshman, said she does not mind Instagram’s new layout.

“As long as I can still scroll through pictures, discover new people to follow, and post my own pictures I am happy,” Jones said.

Jones said she feels people get too caught up with drastic changes instead of realizing what is important.

“Facebook changes their design all the time to stay relevant and provide for better content,” Jones said. “I believe Instagram is just doing the same thing.”

Ashley Adams, nursing major, said she wishes users had more of a heads up before Instagram unveiled their new design.

“While I am still on the fence about it,” Adams said, “I feel if I was given a heads ups and could have seen a design of the layout beforehand I would have felt a little bit more on board when it happened.”

Adams said when she received the update notification she thought it was going to be one of their regular updates.

“I did not think anything would be too out of the ordinary,” she said, “I always figure they are just fixing some bugs or glitches when they update so you can have the best version of the product they offer.”

Adams said she hopes she can use to the redesign in the near future.

“Instagram is the one app I go on every day,” she said, “While I am a little upset they made this drastic of a change without actually notifying their users, it is still a great app that allows people to post wondrous things to the world.”