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Tinder Testing: Swipe right for STD Information

Illustration by: Maria Tahi | Staff Illustrator

For those with a burning sensation in their hearts and nether regions, Tinder has added an STD testing center locating feature to address complaints levied against the “dating” app.

Many people who use Tinder can attest to the app being more for hookups than serious dating. Amorous horizontal dancing usually occurs after using the app and has consequentially led to a rise in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The increase in usage of apps such as Tinder and Grindr has jumped from 40 percent of college-age students in 2005, to 49 percent in 2013. It is not certain dating apps are directly responsible for the rise in STIs, but many argue there is a correlation.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation erected billboards in September 2015 suggesting the spread of infection is linked to the popular dating app. AHF’s subtle but extremely plausible accusation lead to a long and dreary battle between Tinder and the organization.

After demanding AHF take down the billboards and meeting avid refusal, Tinder created access to information about sexual health. Once AHF witnessed Tinder’s provision for sexual health awareness, it took down the billboards like a responsible adult, err organization. Take notes, kids.

The addition of sexual health information is the best decision the company has made since its creation. Tinder can claim the app was not designed to be a “Netflix-and-chill” promoter but it cannot deny the wing-man role its service blatantly plays in today’s college towns. Tinder boasts 50 million users, and while the app is not directly liable for the actions of its members, it is important to keep the masses educated.

Misinformation about sex can have extremely dire consequences. Unplanned pregnancies, fatal diseases and loss of valuable time are all possible outcomes.

As college students, it is vital we are aware of the repercussion and benefits of consensual sex. Tinder is making great moves in the sexual health arena, but students cannot rely on dating apps alone to provide information.

Bobcats must take the time to research STIs and protection routes before engaging in relations. It is also imperative to have a honest discussion with your dirty dancing partner about sexual history and the possibility of infection.

Having sex, especially with someone you’ve only met here and there, needs to be completely consensual and open.

The next time Bobcats swipe right, it is vital to know the state of your sexual health. Awareness about your body and wellbeing is as important as remembering to brush your teeth before heading out to meet someone.

Take advantage of Tinder’s new feature, especially if you are unsure about the state of your sexual health. Being prepared for all sex entails can only help in the long run.

Get tested, wrap it up—or down, or however kids do it these days—and remember to be honest. Make sure not to leave the juicy bits.


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