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Texas State should boom into bloom during the springtime

Illustration by: Rachel Bostick | Staff Illustrator

Springtime should change the landscape of Texas State with wildflowers.

Here in the Hill Country, it is the one time of the year that feels tolerable outside—wildflower season.

In most parts of the state, people can only see wildflowers on the side of highways. This sight is always breathtaking, but it is not as magnificent as seeing a field covered in wildflowers. The Texas Hill Country is truly gifted with this spectacular natural display.

Unfortunately, the only flowers we tend to see in the landscaped areas of campus are well-manicured flowers from a store. There should be more Texas wildflowers on campus so students and faculty can enjoy their beauty.

There are many landscaped areas around campus that make it beautiful, but it could be more so with the addition of Texas wildflowers. We all know about the Texas bluebonnet, but there are an astonishing number of other beautiful wildflowers.

By implementing flowers on campus, people can also see some flora they might not be familiar with. We should support anything encouraging state pride.

Many students, including myself, are from cities where there are not many opportunities to experience wildflowers. I was amazed when I came to Texas State and went hiking and saw the wildflowers. School officials should add more wildflowers on campus so students can experience the beauty of Texas.

We should all have pride in our wildflowers, especially since we go to Texas State University. The university has its own official flower, the Gaillardia, but you do not see them on campus. The Gaillardia is a beautiful flower and would make a great decoration for our campus.

Two dorms are actually named after flowers: the previously mentioned Gaillardia and Lantana. It would be great to see each dorm decorated with a different wildflower.

One great aspect about wildflowers is they are native to this state. They do not require as much water making them better for the environment. People do not have to replant these flowers each year. I have already seen plenty of native plants around campus and it is time to go one step farther and plant more wildflowers.

Workers are currently finishing the project in front of Commons Dining Hall. This project has a lot of concrete area, which could have been perfect for a wonderful collection of wildflowers. There are many places on campus which would be perfect for hosting wildflowers.

We are going to continue to grow as a university and should start incorporating wildflowers into the landscape design of dorms and buildings.

Wildflowers have made Texas famous, and they could make the university famous. Ranging from blue to red to pink to orange, wildflowers are truly a magnificent sight and we should bring their beautiful colors on to Texas State.

Lastly, I want to remind landscape designers or future construction project workers to paint with all the colors of the wind.


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