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Students should make sure to buckle up

Illustration by: Ninette Solis | Staff Illustrator

It is safe to assume most college students are not looking to die anytime soon. However, a startling number of scholars do not wear seatbelts. The faction of “educated” young adults who don’t wear seatbelts are a danger not only to themselves, but to others around them.

To enroll in college, one must have suffered through four years of high school to receive a diploma or obtain a General Educational Development certificate amongst other things. In high school, most Americans had to take basic science classes where students learned Newton’s Laws of Motion.

When thinking about seatbelts, Newton’s first law of inertia comes to mind. An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an equal and opposite force. Therefore, if people do not wear seatbelts in the car, their delicate, jelly-roll bodies will be flip-flopping everywhere in the correct circumstances.

Seatbelts were put in place not for display or fashion features, but to protect individuals riding in a car. Far too often I have witnessed folks getting into my car without putting on the seatbelt. That’s fine if you want to play with your life like. However, I do not wish to be that dumb.

Not only does the lack of a seatbelt affect the body bag not wearing a seatbelt, but also others in the car. In the case of an accident, the person who is not wearing a seatbelt will be flung around the car. Their body can possibly harm or kill others before being ejected out of the window. Doesn’t that sound like a fun time?

No one likes being in a bad car accident, but the use of a seatbelt increases a person’s chance of survival by 45 percent. It has been seen time and time again that wearing a seat belt can save your life, yet many people are still not wearing them.

I have a friend who does not like to put on seat belts. Every time he gets in my car, I stare him down until he does. When he gets in the car and does not immediately put his seat belt on, I cannot help but imagine his broken, bruised and very dead body lying a few feet in front of my car.

With his teeth lodged in the back of the front passenger’s skull and his foot jammed into my upper spinal cord, not only would he be a goner—we would be too.

It is unfair to yourself and others to not wear a seat belt. No matter what angsty or sincerely depressed emotions arise, the car is not the place to release frustrations and put people at risk.

The seat belts were put in place to counteract the laws of motion and to protect the individual in the seat. It would be extremely chaotic if no one ever wore a seatbelt, and our streets would be littered with tossed bodies.

Put on your damn seatbelt.