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San Marcos’ local talent grows with population

Photo by: Sam King | Staff Photographer
Dhalia Woods, local artist, in her new gallery on N. LBJ Drive April 9.

Whether in city events or galleries, more local artists are showcasing their work as San Marcos grows every day into a bigger community.

Several galleries have been opened in downtown San Marcos during the past several months, including Dahlia Woods Gallery and 218 Studio Gallery. The Dahlia Woods Gallery opened on March 24.

“It was a huge construction process, but we are pleased with the results,” said Dahlia Woods, owner.

Dahlia Woods Gallery displays the talents of artists like Rene Perez, Margret Adie and several university students and alumni. The gallery held a recent BFA senior art show, QUAFF, showing student work earlier this month.

Woods said she has had a good connection with students and wants to continue scheduling more shows involving help from the college.

“The students have been very receptive by showing interest in the gallery,” Woods said. “We are planning on doing a lot of shows together, whether it be an art or dance presentation.”

Aside from the recent gallery openings, San Marcos has had events where the town’s artists show and sell their work to the public. Art Squared is a monthly event occurring every second Saturday where artists showcase their hand-crafted work.

The San Marcos Art Commission held the Art Squared Art Market April 9, and artists were selling beautiful canvases and homemade jewelry. Ruben Morin Pena and Earlene Graham showcased at Art Squared, displaying neo-geo art, microphotography and Celtic goddess dolls in their tent.

Graham said she and Pena had lived in San Marcos for more than a year and then opened up their own studio.

“We moved here for the art, we moved here for the music, and we moved here for the university,” Graham said.

Pena said it takes him four days to paint a canvas, and he creates the colors from scratch. He said creating his paintings takes a well thought-out process and commitment.

“(Neo-Geo) are meditative pieces,” Pena said. “As you look at them on a daily basis, you are going to notice a new element in the canvas.”

Jennifer Rosas is another artist at Art Squared who was selling her pen drawings, oil paintings and acrylic art pieces. Rosas said the college town is a great place for upcoming artists who work hard and dedicate themselves to promote their talents.

“I think it is easier to get recognized as an artist in San Marcos or in a small town,” Rosas said.

Woods said she moved to San Marcos after opening up another gallery in Dallas in 2004. Woods said she enjoys being in San Marcos and everything the town has to offer.

“San Marcos is an emerging and exciting new town outside of Austin,” Woods said. “It was perfect timing to make a space that would give local artists an opportunity to show their work.”

Pena said San Marcos is growing because of all the connections artists have with each other to open up more galleries and exhibits.

“It’s not so much having all the work that you need, it’s the association with gallery owners, art associations and exhibits that gives you roots to the community,” Pena said.