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Hays County Fair and Crawfish Boil brings a spice to the night

Photo by: Sam King | Staff Photographer
Two brothers enjoy the fun prizes they won on April 9 at the Hays County Fair And Crawfish Boil.

Ever wanted to ride a helicopter while you lick Cajun crawfish spices off your fingers? Attendees of the first annual Hays County Fair and Crawfish Boil had the opportunity.

Central Texas Speedway hosted the first annual Hays County Fair and Crawfish Boil featuring a classic carnival, crawfish, live music, extreme go-karting, local shopping vendors and helicopter rides.

The fair was April 7 to April 9 and open to the public for free admission. Kassi Hirst, Central Texas Speedway employee, said the fair was a perfect family outing.

“It’s just very family-oriented,” Hirst said. “We have a lot of vendors and musicians. Those who attended Saturday had the opportunity to enjoy our crawfish.”

Julia Stevens, Austin resident, said the first-time event seems to hold promise of becoming a tradition in the area.

“We are the guinea pigs,” Stevens said. “But it’s a good turnout. The food is good and the music is good. I don’t see anyone not having a good time.”

Stevens said she was taken aback by the variation of the fair.

“There’s so much to do,” Stevens said. “I was expecting a simple crawfish boil. But there’s so much going on. When have you been to a fair where you can get on a helicopter? It’s pretty cool. I would like to attend the ones in future years.”

Hirst said they are encouraging the community to come out and explore other things Central Texas Speedway offers.

“We are still going to have our go-karting,” Hirst said. “People are welcome to sign up during the fair, while we still have our carnival going on.”

Steve Michaels, Kyle resident, said he is glad to have an event like the Hays County Fair being held so close to his home.

“It’s a small town,” Michaels said. “I wanted to come out and check it out, and I think it’s nice we have these type of free events to come out and meet other people.”

Michaels said he would return to see what new things the fair will hold within the upcoming years.

“I’m sure this is something people could look forward to every year,” Michaels said. “Especially when crawfish season starts to roll around. Everyone is going to start looking for their next crawfish fix.”

Lucia Hernandez, Kyle resident, said the crawfish was seasoned just to her taste.

“It’s real spicy,” Hernandez said. “My eyes did get watery while I was eating, but I tore through them. I love when they’re spicy, but these are a challenge. I’m all about it, though.”

Hernandez said for those who are new to eating crawfish could have a great first experience at the Hays County Fair and Crawfish Boil.

“I know some people are turned off from crawfish, but I tell people it tastes like shrimp. The fun part is picking them apart and the flavor comes from the spices added on top,” she sad.

Stevens said the festival was accommodating to her whole family.

“My kids enjoyed the carnival,” Stevens said. “I haven’t had the opportunity to get on one of the helicopters, I don’t know if I would, but my husband and I are enjoying the music and drinks. It’s good for the whole family.”

Hernandez said the Hays County Fair and Crawfish Boil seemed well-prepared and anticipated a large crowd.

“It’s like go big or go home,” Hernandez said. “They had a good way of bringing people in with all of the different things to do. I’m having a great time.”