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Baseball: A family affair

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It is safe to say baseball  runs in the Lovejoy family.

Returning senior outfielder Cody Lovejoy grew up with a bat and a glove in hand. From his grandfather, to his brother, the Lovejoy men feel the most confident and comfortable on the field.

Cody Lovejoy’s love for baseball came from his grandfather.

“He grew up playing baseball and encourages my brother and I to play,” Lovejoy said. “He even had a chance to play college ball but chose not to.”

Even though the baseball gene skipped a generation and missed Lovejoy’s father—who ended up playing football in college—it called to both brothers.

The Lovejoy brothers picked their baseballs up before ever touching a football. The athlete began playing ball at the age of four, starting with tee-ball. His passion grew from there.

Lovejoy’s freshman year of high school was when he really felt baseball was his calling. After his freshman season, Lovejoy decided it was time to specialize in one sport and chose to quit running track and playing football after a shoulder injury.

Lovejoy was recruited out of high school, and after a tour to Texas State, he decided to become a Bobcat. San Marcos proved to be a great fit for him.

“It’s not uptight and stressful here,” Lovejoy said. “I love being in the water and doing outdoor activities, so San Marcos is a great place for me to live.”

Not only did Lovejoy get the chance to play college ball, but his brother was fortunate enough to continue his career as well.

The athlete’s brother, Dane Lovejoy, is a junior left-handed pitcher at Sam Houston State University. A little brotherly competition is expected with two brothers competing against each other in the same sport.

“I hope to get a hit off of him the next time we play Sam Houston,” the Bobcat said.

Texas State and SHSU play each other in the regular season, so the Lovejoy brothers look forward to matching up against one another on the field.

Lovejoy’s baseball career didn’t always come easy to him.

A year ago, the athlete’s baseball career hit a rough patch. After two surgeries on his elbow, Cody Lovejoy was out for 16 months of rehab, stalling his baseball career with the Bobcats. It hurt the senior to sit out for a season, and he knew it was important to take care and manage his health.

“You learn a lot from something like that,” Cody Lovejoy said.

The Bobcat was out all last season due to his injury, however, he is back and better than ever this season as a fifth year player. Baseball has taught Cody Lovejoy a lot about himself and the game he has a passion for.

“Baseball taught me to be humble, but confident,” the athlete said. “The second you think you are God’s gift to everything is the second he will knock you on your butt.”

Cody Lovejoy expresses baseball has taught him to be confident in his ability, but to also stay level headed and be a team leader. “My ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on people,” the senior said.

On game day, the athlete feels that maintaining his health and caring for his rehabilitated elbow is the No. 1 priority.

“If first pitch is at 6p.m., then I am usually in the trainer’s room about 1 p.m.,” he said.

Since the injury has inhibited him in the past, Cody Lovejoy gets to the Bobcat Ballpark hours ahead of the first pitch to stretch and warm up his elbow.

“If we have practice, I am on the field at least an hour early just to work on my elbow,” the Bobcat said.

This is not the only ritual the senior follows on game day.

“When I am running on and off the field, I make sure to never step on the foul line,” he said. “It is bad luck.”

Being a college athlete for the past five years holds a lot of weight for Cody Lovejoy. Neither long practices nor balancing a full work load to gain his degree in electrical engineering seem to phase him.

The athlete continues to work tirelessly to reach his goals and it shows. The outfielder expresses he has learned so much from baseball and from being a college athlete at Texas State.

“I have taken away so much knowledge and so many life skills from this experience,” the Bobcat said.

Managing a full schedule was on top of Cody Lovejoy’s “lessons learned” list.

“To be a college athlete on one end and full time student on the other, I had to learn to be successful in both and manage the two,” the outfielder said. “I had to make sure that I didn’t let one take away from the other.”

Cody Lovejoy knows he had to give things up for baseball. The athlete realizes he can’t love the typical college life like other guys his age can. With baseball and school, he is involved in activities that take up a lot of his time.

The Bobcat mentioned that free time isn’t something he has a lot of.

He has come a long way from tee-ball as a 4-year-old. Growing up in a baseball driven environment made its mark on Lovejoy and it is continuously a very positive one.

“I wouldn’t have the career I do today if not for my grandfather and his encouragement,” the outfielder said.