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Art betters San Marcos community

File photo of Art Squared

Art enthusiasts and community locals enjoyed another Art Squared Art Market Saturday filled with artesian art, crafts, paintings and jewelry.

Art Squared—held on the Hays County Courthouse lawn—features art from local artists, along with live music and food vendors.

July Moreno, Art Squared manager, said the market is an opportunity to expose art to the community.

“The art community has really grown in San Marcos,” Moreno said. “We feature a lot of returning local artists.”

Lisa Schultz, Kyle resident, said Art Squared inspires her to produce to her own creative art.

“This is something that is really unique,” Schultz said. “It begs to my own creative juices at the same time. Except I may not be as good, but that’s okay.”

Danny Lamar, San Marcos resident, said he was a fan of the close-knit atmosphere at the event.

“It feels very small-town and there are a lot of locals,” Lamar said. “I think it brings everyone together.”

Art Squared also featured live music from singer/songwriter George Ensle and the group Jesse Otis Dalton vs. the State of Texas.

“It’s an all-day event,” Moreno said. “We have all types of art. We are encouraging everyone to enjoy every part of the market.”

Each month, Art Squared has a featured artist, Moreno said. In April it was Earlene Graham, a doll maker.

“I have been working with these artists for almost a year and half to two years,” Moreno said. “Some of them have stayed the same, others have grown. I’ve learned to appreciate the artists.”

Art Squared hosted food vendors selling snacks like fresh vegetables, fruits and packaged spices and spreads.

Photo by:  Russell Reed | Staff PhotographerArt Squared Art Market dowtown on the second Saturday of every month.
Photo by: Russell Reed | Staff Photographer
Art Squared Art Market dowtown on the second Saturday of every month.

Luis De Santiago, New Braunfels resident, said this is the perfect time of the year to explore the food vendors featured in Art Squared.

“Spring is here,” De Santiago said. “Things are starting to grow, which means there are more things to choose from, and there’s a more personal touch to it because you know the person who you’re buying from.”

Schultz said as a first-time attendee to an Art Squared market, she would return and spread the word between her own circles of friends.

“I would come back,” Schultz said. “It’s a free event to attend and I believe you’re exposed to a lot of different things.”

Moreno said Art Squared helps bring art to the community and has given it an opportunity to shine.

“It has already proven that—we already have four galleries open,” Moreno said. “Art Squared has been one of the first and I hope it has helped other markets to pop up and I think that’s a great thing for San Marcos.”

De Santiago said he enjoys having the opportunity to meet the artists in person while searching for new pieces.

“It’s always cool to have the artist there to explain how they made something,” De Santiago said. “Sometimes they’ll have a story behind their pieces or maybe it’s made for a certain person.”

Talking to artists can foster a personal connection within the art, he said.

“One time I had this guy explain to me how one of his portraits was actually of his deceased baby girl,” De Santiago said. “It was a miscarriage, but he made a portrait of how he could see his daughter today. It was touching.”

Moreno said she hopes to see a greater art appreciation and excitement in the city of San Marcos.

“I’m a big advocate for arts in San Marcos,” Moreno said.  “It is very near and dear to my heart. I’m glad we are here to bring influence.”