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The 7 things you forgot since your campus tour

Photo by: Sophia De La Rosa | Staff Photographer
Elizabeth Millner, mass communication senior, guides prospective students and their families on a tour around campus Feb. 23.

Last week, I went on a campus tour and was informed of things I didn’t know existed at Texas State. It struck me that if I didn’t know these things, other students probably didn’t either. Here is a list of things you have probably forgotten since your campus tour.


Boko’s Living Room

Located on the first floor of LBJ, Boko’s Living Room provides students with nap necessities. Just bring your ID to use pillows, blankets and massage chairs. Another feature is the CyberCafe, which provides 20 computers and free printing.

Chloe Cripps, exploratory professional freshman, found out about Boko’s Living Room her second semester, but didn’t know pillows were provided.


Attorney for Students

Have you ever been stuck in a lease or paid $500 for having an illegal pet? Alyssa Whiteside, management sophomore and tour guide, filled me in on how Attorney for Students can help.

“The student lawyer is frequently used for apartment leases,” Whiteside said. “If you ever have anything questionable, they can give you advice for contract law.”

If you need legal advice, use the free resources Texas State provides and make an appointment online.


Go Green Initiative

If you have ever worked out at the Student Recreation Center, you may have noticed the green stickers on the elliptical machines.

“I saw the ‘go green’ on the elliptical, but I never knew what it powered,” Cripps said.

The stickers are a part of San Marcos’ Go Green initiative, said Averi Derrick, exercise and sports science senior and recreation center employee.

“The power from the cardio section of the gym helps generate the lights in the Rec,” Derrick said. “While you are working out on the treadmills and elliptical, you are actually helping to power the gym.”


Free Coffee

If caffeine practically flows through your veins, check out the Honors College located in the Lampasas building next to Old Main. Inside, there is a student lounge, recycling center and, yes people—free coffee. Although I came for the coffee, I stayed for the atmosphere. The remote location and peaceful atmosphere makes it one of the best studying spots on campus.


Round Rock Campus

Nursing majors know they will inevitably end up at the Round Rock Campus. Texas State may be pushing for the complete transfer of all health professions majors to the Round Rock Campus.

“The goal is to transfer all classes over there because of St. David’s medical branch,” Whiteside said. “This goal is in the distant future and plans have not been set in stone.”


Trading Room

The McCoy College of Business Administration is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which is given to fewer than 5 percent of business schools in the world.

On the third floor of McCoy, students enrolled in the Student Managed Investment Fund course get hands-on experience with trading and stocks. These students manage over $300,000 from the McCoy College Development Foundation’s endowment fund. The money students make from trading goes into a scholarship fund.


Free Tuition: Fact or Fiction?

Perhaps you have heard the rumor that you’ll receive free tuition if your roommate dies or if a campus bus hits you. This rumor is thought to be true by many Texas State students, and I am here to tell you, I do not know if this is fact or fiction.

“I cannot 100 percent confirm that, because we don’t learn that in our training information,” Whiteside said.

This made me curious, so I called around and talked to three Student Business Services employees responsible for handling Texas State’s tuition services. Not only were the employees shocked to find out about the free tuition rumor, but they also could not confirm or deny it


By: Taeler Kallmerten | Special to the Star