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Spring into upcoming fashion trends


Texas may not have true seasons, but spring fashion trends are already lined up for the year.

Jordin Redou, fashion merchandising junior, said there are many looks on-trend for the spring season.

“Right now, what we’ve got going on are a lot of pleats,” Redou said. “The Pantone Colors are really big right now. A lot of pastels in general come with every spring. The ‘70s are really big, so lots of suede, lots of fringe, high-waisted jeans and pants.”

Bobcats can incorporate these trends into everyday wear.

“I think the high-waisted shorts are huge around here,” Redou said. “Lots of cute little tops, probably a lot of bohemian-style dresses—you can always pick things that have those Pantone or pastel colors. Suede is pretty easy. I’ve been to the outlet malls and every store has so much of it.”

Redou said spring fashion is easier to manage because it’s color-focused. Floral, pastels and bright colors are popular in this season. Most stores have selections of trendy attire, so it’s simple for not-so-fashionable people to walk in and grab a spring outfit.

“For people who aren’t really sure what trends they want to adopt, I think fast-fashion places like Forever 21, H&M and Zara have the trendy things,” Redou said. “So, if you’re not sure, you can try it out.”

A spring go-to outfit is a classic pair of jeans paired with a white shirt. Redou typically adds a silk scarf and cute bag to finish the look.

“A few key pieces to have for spring would be a trench coat and some rain boots,” Redou said. “Good accessories are key—fun earrings or necklaces.”

Some other trendy essential accessories are straw hats, ball caps and watches.

Redou said maxi dresses are the best aspect of spring fashion because they’re easy to slip on, affordable and stylish.

“For people who are more into fashion, the maxi dress is the yoga pant outfit,” Redou said. “It’s so simple, but looks a thousand times better. You can get them in any kind of style—really flowy or something more sleek and straight or tank-top.”

Redou said some of the popular spring trends are frilly dresses, cardigans and gladiator sandals. A spring fashion don’t is wearing Ugg boots in the heat.

“I still see people wearing their Uggs in 70-degree weather,” Redou said. “Dress for the day, dress for the season and I know you still want to wear your fur accessories, but you’ve got to let it go.”

Ashleigh Blocker, Fashion Merchandising Association president, said there are a variety of spring trends she’s observed.

“For this season, what’s really popular is light-washed denim,” Blocker said. “Also popular on campus right now is athletic wear. Everybody likes to be cute and comfy.”

Blocker said it is easy for Bobcats to adopt these trends.

“Shop at retailers that keep up with the trends, such as Target, T.J. Maxx and JCPenney,” Blocker said. “All of these are super affordable and have great quality. Also, students can follow their favorite fashion designers and brands on social media because they’re always posting cute outfits that are in style.”

For those who aren’t incredibly fashion-forward, mixing and matching different clothes and creating a unique style is popular.

Blocker’s spring favorite is a neutral-colored tank top, layered with a fringe kimono and whitewash skinny jeans. For the stairs around campus she suggests comfortable sandals.

“There is a popular brand at Target called Who What Wear,” Blocker said. “They have a brand new spring collection that just came out. That’s a very affordable brand that students can go to and be trendy in spring.”

Blocker said swimwear collections are on the rise as spring break approaches.

“Bathing suits are a hot topic because everyone is looking for the new style,” Blocker said. “You can always go to H&M, Forever 21, Target and Victoria’s Secret for the new and improved swimsuits.”

Dainty jewelry, bold statement necklaces and fashion rings are popular accessories. Stylish items like these can be found at stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, J. Crew, Banana Republic and Loft.

Elizabeth Wright, fashion merchandising sophomore, said there are spring fashion trends men can incorporate into their attire.

“There are certain colors that are in—super bright colors, a green chlorophyll color. Yellows are in, as well as pastel and neutral colors,” Wright said. “Hawaiian-style shirts are definitely in.”

Wright said men’s mid-thigh shorts are stylish in comfort or pastel colors.

For a more casual look, guys can throw on a ball cap to complete the outfit. Certain styles of Vans and Sperry shoes are popular around campus.

Wright said Chaco sandals are a gender-neutral shoe great for the spring season. When the weather warms up, students can expect to see these a lot more around campus.