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Bobcats compete in first outdoor meet of the season


Texas State’s men and women’s track & field team competed in the Texas Christian University Invitational in Fort Worth, Texas.
The start of outdoor season has officially begun.

Jody Stewart, director of track and field, said at this is the time of the year they start to pull back.

“We are, at this time of the year where we are tapering,” Stewart said. “We are backing off on the work load, and making sure our legs are fresh. More dialog, video, talking about race plans and race strategies. We are pulling back on the training so the legs are rested, and they are ready and fresh to compete.”

He said multiple individuals have stepped up each meet.

“I can’t say there is one individual, across the board each meet we have had multiple individuals step up and do great things,” Stewart said. “It is really hard to say one person, but across the board they have done a great job and we are going into each meet pretty strong.”

The men’s team was able to pull through with some wins.

In the 1500-meter run, Noe Belmares, Tyrone Jackson and Joseph Pena, junior runners, placed in the top 20. Belmares came in 11th with a time of 4:00.21 seconds. Just shy of Belmares were Jackson and Pena. Jackson placed 15th with 4:01.90 seconds. Pena turned in a time of 4:02.89 seconds.

Jackson also placed in the top 10 in the 800-meter run. He placed eighth and turned in a time of 1:55.26 seconds.

In the 3000-meter run, three athletes placed in the top 15. Jose Angel Gonzalez, sophomore runner, came in sixth with a time of 8:50.84 seconds. Coming in at 11th and 12th were Belmares and Pena. Belmares turned in a time of 9:01.69 and two seconds behind him was Pena with 9:03.52 seconds.

In the field events, the men powered through.

Jordan Huckaby, senior thrower, placed sixth in the hammer throw with a throw of 53.99 meters. Roman Rodriguez, senior thrower, placed 11th with 48.81 meters.

In the high jump, Jake Nowak, freshman jumper, placed seventh with 1.90 meters.

On the women’s side, the distance runners had their time to shine.

In the 1500-meter run, Nikki Sanchez, sophomore runner, and Kelly Trevino, senior runner, placed in the top 20.

Sanchez came in 13th with a time of 4:51.56 seconds. Trevino turned in a time of 5:00.60 seconds coming in 19th.

Abbi Hani, junior runner, placed in the top 25 in the 100-meter hurdles. She turned in a time of 14.57 seconds coming in 24th place.

Sanchez placed in the top 15 of the 800-meter run. She came in 13th with a time of 2:23.69 seconds. Erin Williams, Sarah Arroyo, freshmen runners, and Chelsea Thompson, junior runner, were right behind Sanchez.

In the 200-meter run, Nia Dorner, junior runner, came in the top 25. She placed 24th with a time of 25.32 seconds.

The women put up more numbers than the men in the field events.

In the hammer throw, Talore Kelly, senior thrower, and Julie Lange, junior thrower, came in the top five. Kelly came in third with 52.11 meters. Lange followed in fourth just short of Kelly with 52.10 meters.
Lange also placed in the top five of the discus throw. She was fifth with 50.22 meters. Sidnee Land, freshman thrower, and Kelly placed in the top 15.

In the long jump, Kylah Smith, freshman jumper, placed seventh with 5.52 meters.
Kelly and Lange placed again in the top 10 of the shot put. Kelly placed third with 16.26 meters. Lange came in seventh with 15.07 seconds.