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Zane Liston: Fashion Icon

Photo by: Cassandria Alvarado | Staff Photographer
Zane Liston, theater freshmen, poses for her portrait March 9 at Bobcat Trail.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone dresses alike on college campuses.

Zane Liston, theatre sophomore, however, stands out in a sea of Comfort Colors tees and Nike Frees. Her quirky style and charming personality will have you inspired.


Tiffany Goulart: How would you describe your style?

Zane Liston: I would describe my style as glam rock. I am inspired by John Hughes movies from the ‘80s. Recently, some of my inspirations have included Duckie from Pretty in Pink, and I wear bolo ties a lot.


TG: What influences your style?

ZL: I am influenced by thrift shop culture and street style. A lot of the clothes I buy are based on what I can afford at the time, and I do not really shop at name-brand stores or look at what other people are wearing. Older people in my life also influence my style a lot. Grandparents can sometimes have the weirdest style.


TG: Where do you usually buy your clothes?

ZL: Thrift shops. Austin, especially, has some great ones. Some of my favorites are Room Service, St. Vincent de Paul and Vagabond.


TG: Who are your style icons?

ZL: My two biggest style icons are David Bowie and Annie Lennox. I am impressed by Annie’s ability to wear menswear and not be questioned on it.


TG: What are your favorite clothing brands?

ZL: When I was younger and more daring, I loved Betsey Johnson. The crazy dresses and boots were great, and I wore her dresses to every dance. When it comes to high-end, I really like Valentino. They have been coming out with more distinct themes with their collections.


TG: What is your favorite article of clothing that you wear?

ZL:  I have one of the exact bolo ties that John Cryer wears in “Pretty in Pink.” It is a gun with a holster that can go in the chain. My mom got it for me for an open carry debate. My other favorite staples are red cowboy boots and my green and white striped blazer.


TG: Rachel Zoe has said that “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” What does your style say about who you are?

ZL: I think my style changes a lot. When I wake up in the morning, I tend to just honor where I am at. What my style says about me is that I’m very chameleon in nature, and I like changing and embracing that.


TG: What current trends are your favorites?

ZL: My favorite current trends right now are bright colored lipstick, face glitter and overalls. I also like the ‘70s vibe that has been coming out in people’s outfits. Urban Outfitters has been having a lot of ‘70s-style clothes in their stores lately.


TG: What is your favorite pattern?

ZL: My favorite pattern has to be either paisley or stripes.


TG: How has your style changed since you came to college this year?

ZL: In the last year, I have embraced Texas more than I ever have. I wear cowboy boots, bolo ties and pearl snap shirts way more often than I ever used to.


TG: What made you decide to dye your hair yellow?

ZL: When I was little, I had Lichtenstein prints on my walls. The blonde hair in the prints was yellow, so I decided to dye my hair yellow on a whim right before Christmas break.


Keep a look out for Zane’s eccentric style around campus!