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Get to Know: Coach Zenarae Antoine

Photo courtesy of Texas State Athletics.
Photo courtesy of Texas State Athletics.

Autumn Anderson: Who is your favorite professional basketball player?

Zenarae Antoine: I honestly don’t have one. Growing up there were two players I really admired—one was Teresa Edwards, a women’s basketball player who played at Georgia and on the Olympic team, as a guard. My favorite player, of course, being from Houston, was Hakeem Olajuwon, a post player. So much in fact, when I left for college, I took with me my Hakeem Olajuwon bottled water.


AA: If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?

ZA: I think I’m probably like most people; I’d love to meet Jesus one day, that would be great. If you’re talking about movie stars, Ryan Gosling. I just think Ryan Gosling is cute.


AA: What is your dream vacation destination?

ZA: There’s a few places honestly, because I enjoy traveling. I would probably say right now I would like to go to New Zealand or Fiji.


AA: If you had to coach another sport other than basketball, what would it be?

ZA: I could tell you what it would not be—football, for sure. The sport that I really enjoy, honestly, is soccer. I really enjoy soccer quite a bit. I had a chance to play when I was younger, so I thought it was fun. It’s still a team sport—that’s what makes it neat. The only tough part for me would be that it’s outdoors. I think there’s a lot of elements that are relatively similar and I just love the fact that these kids have an incredible amount of endurance.


AA: When you go out to eat, what’s your go-to restaurant?

ZA: It’s interesting that you asked, since it’s (almost) Valentine’s Day and there’s some fancy ones. I’m high-maintenance with the food. I can tell you this though, probably if you had to go commercially, I’ve been to 11 different Maggiano’s—including the original in Chicago. If I went to more of a specialty restaurant I’ve got a favorite in town, the Root Cellar—that’s my go-to in town. If I just want something quick, probably like most Texans, I like Torchy’s.


AA: Do you have a favorite TV show?

ZA: ESPN. I watch a lot of ESPN, outside of that I don’t really watch a lot of shows.


AA: What is your favorite childhood memory?

ZA: I have a lot. Most of my fun memories are us doing things together as a family. I’m a first-generation American. My parents are very family-oriented, so we did a lot of fun things together, whether it be vacationing, or going to the rodeo, or going to the symphony. But most of my memories, I even have them now—we do a lot of fun things together as the family.


AA: Do you have a pregame ritual?

ZA: I used to, and now I’ve just thrown all superstitions out the door because I don’t believe them anymore. I don’t have a pregame ritual. A lot of times, outside of me just saying a prayer before I go out there, there’s really nothing different.