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Get to know: Bobby Conley, point guard

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Garrett Caywood: Coming from Palm Beach State, what was your favorite part about playing in Florida? 

Bobby Conley: Probably my teammates. I had a really good relationship with all my teammates down there. The scenery. You can’t beat the scenery down there in South Florida. I love the beach. I fell in love with South Florida and the environment.


GC: Who or what influenced your decision to come to Texas State?

BC: My influence came from everybody. I had a whole little support system. From my family to my prep coach to my (junior college) coach, they all thought this would be the best decision for me. They liked the idea of Texas State, playing in the Sun Belt Conference.


GC: What has been your best memory here thus far?

BC: Probably when we all finished our last mile. We’re all required to finish three miles and when we all got finished with our third one, we celebrated like we won a championship. It was a really good time for all of us and we really enjoyed that.


GC: If you weren’t playing basketball, what would you be doing?

BC: I’d probably be playing soccer. I played soccer one year in high school just for fun, and I ended up being pretty good. I scored 23 goals, had two hat tricks and was an honorable mention.


GC: Who is your favorite athlete? And why?

BC: It’s between LeBron (James) and (Russell) Westbrook. I like LeBron a lot because he’s from where I’m from, just down the road—Akron, Ohio. And Westbrook, I just admire the way he plays the game with so much passion and intensity all the time. That’s just someone I aspire to play like too.


GC: What is it like having Mario Edwards around? I know your uncle went to Coastal Carolina; what has he shown you as a player and a person? 

BC: Mario has shown me a lot as a player and a person. Growing up, I was around my grandma’s house all the time, so I grew up with Mario. I always admired him and he really inspired me to play basketball. Just watching him play at his basketball games and just seeing how good he was and what he did with his talent. It really inspired me to try and do the same thing. Hopefully I’ll be as good as him one day.