Home Sports Football Five key plays from Texas State’s 16-3 victory over Louisiana-Monroe

Five key plays from Texas State’s 16-3 victory over Louisiana-Monroe

Junior quarterback Tyler Jones carries the ball downfield, looking to score a touchdown.

1Lawrence White’s 20 yard touchdown reception

After dropping the previous pass, White hauled in a 20-yard touchdown on the next play. Tyler Jones, junior quarterback, was under pressure from the Warhawks defense before delivering a throw off of his back foot. White adjusted to the throw and ran down the right side before catching the ball in the end zone. The reception from White gave the Bobcats a 10-3 lead.

2Inoke Langi’s fumble recovery

Inoke Langi, redshirt freshman deep snapper, was the first man down to cover Lumi Kaba’s punt. Junior Williams, Warhawks returner, attempted to field the punt, but the football deflected off his shoulder pads. Langi, standing just a few feet from Williams, responded to the defection and quickly fell on the fumble. The turnover led to a scoring chance for the Bobcats but they failed to convert a 27-yard field goal.

3Missed 27-yard field goal

Despite all the good he has done this season, Lumi Kaba, junior punter, missed two field goals Thursday night. The first miss, a 27-yard attempt, Kaba originally made. Before the attempt, the Bobcats committed a false start, which pushed the football back five yards. Kaba proceeded to miss the following attempt. The missed field goal kept the Warhawks’ deficit at seven points.

4Aaron Shaw’s interception and return

The Warhawks were driving into Bobcats territory before Aaron Shaw, senior defensive back, swooped across the middle and intercepted the football. Earnest Carrington, Warhawks quarterback, lofted the ball deep into double coverage. Shaw caught the football and immediately turned up field. The Bobcats’ defense got out in front of Shaw and led him all the way down to the five-yard line. The interception from Shaw led to a Bobcats’ touchdown.

5Lawrence White’s 16-yard touchdown reception

White continued his great night—five receptions for 83 yards—with another touchdown catch. Following the long interception return from Aaron Shaw, the Bobcats were set up at the five-yard line. A personal foul penalty brought the ball back 15 yards but Tyler Jones found White on the next play for the touchdown. The reception from White put the Bobcats ahead by two touchdowns and the game out of reach.