Home News Arbor Day tree planting ceremony cancelled due to flooding

Arbor Day tree planting ceremony cancelled due to flooding


City officials were forced to cancel the annual Arbor Day celebration that was set to take place Friday morning in Ramon Lucio Park after extreme flash floods on Oct. 30 led to the closure of all river parks.

“The city cruisers are still clearing up debris and making sure that those areas are safe before we allow residents back in,” said Kristi Wyatt, director of communications and intergovernmental relations for San Marcos.

Although the tree-planting event did not occur, San Marcos Electric Utility partnered with the community to celebrate the holiday. San Marcos electric utility customers who brought a recent electric bill to the San Marcos Nature Center were given the chance of taking a free five-gallon pot tree or two one-gallon pot trees for free.

Tim Bauarkemper, a San Marcos resident since September, was one of many locals who took advantage of the tree give away.

“When I saw they were offering free trees I thought that be a great way to come down and get started on fixing up the yard, Bauarkemper said. “And by using native trees we’re not bringing stuff into the environment that doesn’t belong there (that) could become invasive.”