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Local businesses ban third party food delivery service

Photo by: Antonio Reyes | Staff Photographer
College Delivery office, a food delivery service, located on S CM Allen Parkway.

Franklin BBQ in Austin, announced food delivery services like Favor and Task Rabbit are banned from the restaurant’s lines, preventing customers from ordering through a third party.

After receiving customer complaints, Franklin BBQ representatives announced their decision earlier this month in a press release to ban the third parties in order to eliminate longer lines and promote convenience for in-house customers.

Aaron and Stacy Franklin, owners of Franklin BBQ, stated in an email they owe it to their faith-ful customers to prevent professional delivery assistants from being a distraction. The pair stated they would prefer not to have a second party to represent their food and brand.

Taylor Hustler, co-marketing director for Favor in San Marcos, said restaurants have refused to work with delivery services such as Favor in the past, including Hays County BBQ in San Marcos.

Hustler said the owner of Hays County BBQ told him Favor is not a model fit for a barbecue service.

“Customers will get their BBQ; it will be cold or sauce will be mixed up, and he said it didn’t work very well,” Hustler said. “He wanted customers to come in and have that experience of be-ing in their store and create that vibe for them.”

Aaron Hernandez, manager and pit master of Hays County BBQ, said the company decided to not serve order-takers with Favor due to an influx of wrong orders being made, along with con-fusion between similar barbecue restaurants.

 Photo by: Antonio Reyes | Staff PhotographerCollege Delivery, food delivery service, located on S Cm Allen Parkway.
Photo by: Antonio Reyes | Staff Photographer
College Delivery, food delivery service, located on S Cm Allen Parkway.

Hernandez said if Favor had a better system in place, Hays County BBQ wouldn’t have banned the order delivery service.

Tina Heileman, public relations representative for Favor, said the company works closely with hundreds of partners in an attempt to show how the company can increase business and bring happiness to customers.

“Our intention is always to work with our local merchant communities in the best way possible,” Heileman said. “We respect Franklin’s wishes, so we will of course honor their request.”

Rebecca Rossi, shift-leader at Dos Gatos Kolache Bakery, said the restaurant is featured on the Favor app. Rossi said Favor runners used to be recognizable because they all wore blue tuxedo shirts.

Hustler said Favor runners are not required to wear their work shirts, which means there isn’t a set way runners can be identified.

Rossi said one cannot easily recognize a Favor runner unless they are obviously texting the cus-tomer for details about their order.

“We want to blend in and keep business flowing as normal,” Hustler said.

Rossi said Dos Gatos is generally busy and has noticed an increase in the number of orders. Hus-tler agreed and said he has seen an overall increase in sales, especially at Dos Gatos Kolaches.

“In the last couple of months since Favor has opened at San Marcos, I see runners coming in on a daily basis—between three to four people every day,” Hustler said.

Favor has made business in the delivery realm easier for Dos Gatos Kolaches, Rossi said. It would have been “harder” for the restaurant to hire additional staff to make the deliveries them-selves.

“We can just get people kolaches when they crave them,” Rossi said. “It also adds to hospitality because we are able to give to everyone now.”

Hustler said Pie Society, a featured pizzeria on the Favor app, has seen an increase in Favor run-ners. He believes the increase is due to the fact that prior to Favor’s presence, Pie Society did not have delivery service.

Hustler said Favor’s goal is to stimulate the economy and the entire area. He believes Favor cre-ates additional opportunities for businesses to reach more customers and sell more orders during the day due to sheer convenience.