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Fashion Finds: Simple for School

Photo by: Sarah Bradley | Assistant Lifestyle Editor

With midterms upon us and the season of pulling all-nighters in full swing, there was a seemingly unanimous consensus to dress simpler amongst students on campus this week.

The majority of people I came across were clad in T-shirts, leggings, jeans and comfortable shoes.

When the wrath of college stress descends upon students, it seems only logical for them to shift their focus from the clothes they wear and tend to their schoolwork.

However, there are ways to maintain an appealing ensemble without working too hard.

Lauren Hinckley, advertising junior, was walking through the Quad when her black v-neck T-shirt, boyfriend jeans, black sandals and dainty turquoise jewelry caught my eye.

 Photo by:  Sarah Bradley | Assistant Lifestyle Editor
Photo by: Sarah Bradley | Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Though her look was simple, Hinckley remained trendy with her casual jeans, seasonal sandals and gently curled hair.

Hinckley said she usually dresses for comfort while finding ways to incorporate current trends.

“I typically go for outfits that are comfortable for class,” Hinckley said. “But if I can do that and look trendy at the same time, that’s usually what I’ll do.”

Hinckley said integrating boyfriend jeans could make any outfit look fashionable.

“I think the biggest trend I’m wearing (is) the boyfriend jeans,” Hinckley said. “I feel like a lot of people have been wearing them and I really like them because they’re more comfortable than your average pair of jeans.”

Hinckley said finding comfort in an outfit depends on the person and occasion.

“Having to hike across campus while being comfortable is definitely number one,” Hinckley said. “For me, that typically means simpler outfits, but it really depends on who you are and where you’re going.”

I agree with Hinckley that what people consider comfortable and cute varies widely, but this look appears to have hit the nail on the head.

Why it Works

Hinckley’s outfit works so well because each piece is modest and every component blends together seamlessly.

Combining the black shirt with black sandals creates unity within the look, while the boyfriend jeans produce a fashion-forward effect.

A pop of unique style unique was added to the outfit when Hinckley decided to accessorize with the delicate silver and turquoise necklace.

Overall, this look is a fabulous representation of a comfortable and cute look that is ideal for chaotic times during the school year.