Home News Attempted theft reported outside Edward Gary parking garage

Attempted theft reported outside Edward Gary parking garage

An attempted theft was reported to University Police outside of Edward Gary Parking garage early Monday afternoon.
A University News Service warning reported that a Hispanic man approached a female student at approximately 1:30 p.m. by the parking garage. The suspect was described as approximately 19-21 years old, around 5’11’’ with a medium build, dark hair and a light-colored mustache, according to the report.
The student was texting on her phone when she was approached by the suspect and disregarded him. The man then attempted to take her phone away and the student’s mother, who was waiting to pick her up, witnessed the altercation and honked at him.
The suspect fled the scene and was last seen wearing a tan boonie hat, a white T-shirt and orange Texas Longhorn shorts.
University Police are asking for those who have any additional information regarding the incident to contact them at: 512-245-2805.