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Vintage swimwear makes comeback


Summer is officially here and swimsuit season is in full swing, bringing students a rich diversity of styles, shapes and designs to choose from.

Casey Trevino, assistant manager and head of women’s products at PacSun, said while some trends are constantly changing year to year, the classic styles stay around for a long time.

“Trends are inevitable,” Trevino said. “Some are revived from past years and come and go each season, as they have for generations and generations.”

Trevino said yearly trends occur because shoppers have a desire to buy something new and different.

“Whether it’s swimwear, apparel or accessories, every generation wants something new,” Trevino said. “However, trends are typically just repeats of the past with a few new flares.”

For this year’s swimwear season, Trevino said the most obvious trends center around the desire to have a vintage style with more material.

“This season we’re seeing a ton more vintage-inspired high-rise bottoms, tops and one pieces,” Trevino said. “All of which have to do with more design, detail and cutting with much more material than in recent past years.”

Trevino said previous trends centered on using less material, but this year the focus has shifted to a more conservative style.

“With the high-waisted shorts and (high) necklines and one-pieces with cool cutouts, it’s obvious that swimsuit buyers are looking to cover up more than they did in the past,” Trevino said.

Trevino said there was no way for designers to make swimsuits any smaller, so the only way for the trend to grow was by revisiting older styles.

“Usually trends go wherever they can,” Trevino said. “If skinny jeans can’t get skinnier, the pants will move into becoming a flare again. Or if the swimsuit can’t get skimpier, it must go back to more of a conservative style.”

Lupe Martinez, assistant store manager at Forever 21, said out of every trend he has seen this summer, the high-waisted vintage swimsuit seems to be the most popular.

“Out of all the available options for swim, such as tribal-inspired, fringe, classic or slinky, I’ve noticed most everyone purchases the vintage high-waisted suits,” Martinez said.

The majority of Martinez’s customers are looking for swimwear that will cover them up while still offering flair, he said. This is why designers have introduced one-pieces with unique cuts or additional jewelry.

“Although the obvious trend this season is that of conservativeness, many of the customers are also looking to buy things that add appeal to the swimwear,” Martinez said. “Body chains are really big right now to add character to their suit.”

Gracie Sifuentes, sales associate at Charlotte Russe and elementary education graduate student at Texas State, said she enjoys the old-fashioned swimsuits because they are more comfortable to wear.

“I have to say, I really love this summer’s suit trends,” Sifuentes said. “Being a curvy girl myself, it’s so nice having swimsuit options that are cute and sexy while still being appropriate and comfortable.”

Having the Tanger Outlets so close to the university makes it easy for students to obtain this season’s swimsuits at a reasonable price.

Trevino said PacSun carries over 30 different styles of swimwear.

“We offer swim options for men and women all for around $20 to $50, depending on the brand and material,” Trevino said.

Martinez said Forever 21 offers swimsuits for as low as $5, making it easy for students to find their perfect fit.

Sifuentes said most of the shoppers she sees focus less on what’s trending and more on what works with their own sense of style.

“Most people, I feel, keep up with the trends fairly well but also not wholeheartedly,” Sifuentes said. “People still have their individualism in the trends, which is essential.”