Friday, April 19, 2019
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Quality journalism will not include election mudslinging

Although the majority of political races concluded with the general election earlier this month, San Marcos' election season has extended to Dec. 11 in...
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Greek Life on track to a better tomorrow

Exactly one year ago, Texas State student Matthew Ellis died of alcohol poisoning following a party hosted by his fraternity brothers. Since then, the...
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Sutherland Springs coverage a reminder of the power of community journalism

There are times when people need journalists to be more than just the news providers. There are moments when a reporter should remember there's...

Letter to the Editor

Editor's note: The author of this letter has requested to remain anonymous due to possible retaliation. Their identity has been verified by student editors...
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Campus early voting window insufficient for midterm student turnout

Editor's Note (10/30): Since the initial online posting of this Main Point on Thursday, Oct. 25, students, faculty and candidates voiced their concerns to the...

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Your Main Point piece in The University Star Volume 108, Issue 07 from October 9, 2018 titled “Students should have more say over...
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Tailgate regulations have clipped traditions

Attendance to home football games have been shoddy for years. The one saving grace for game day fans was the tailgating tradition before kickoff....
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Texas State administrators may be learning to respond to white supremacy

Last Thursday, any false sense of security on the campus quad was rescinded when racist business cards from a white supremacist group appeared scattered...
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Students should have more say over tuition fees

Just as voters have a stake in where their tax dollars go, students should receive the same courtesy with their tuition. The average full-time student...
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Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, A recent opinion piece in The University Star Volume 108, Issue 4 from Sept. 18, 2018, regarding parking issues on campus grabbed my attention. The...