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Sexual assault investigation continues as man is released on bond

mugshot of John McFarland
Courtesy of the City of San Marcos

San Marcos police arrested John Tate McFarland, 35, Feb. 28 on a second-degree felony sexual assault charge. McFarland was released March 1 on a $50,000 bond and the investigation is ongoing.

The victim called her mother early Feb. 21 from an unknown number and asked for help. Her mother contacted the San Marcos Police Department, which was unable to locate her for an hour. The victim reached out to a friend for help via Facebook and investigators were able to locate her at home.

The victim told police she went downtown and later left with McFarland. She told police she only remembers having sex with him. McFarland is accused of not allowing her to leave when she asked, but he eventually drove her home.

The woman was transported to Central Texas Medical Center for a sexual assault forensic exam. Investigators believe McFarland could have other victims in the San Marcos and Austin area. Anyone with further information can contact Detective Sandra Spriegel at 512.753.2369 or sspriegel@sanmarcostx.gov.

The San Marcos Police Department said it is committed to seeking justice for all survivors of sexual assault and encourage any individuals who believe they have been assaulted to report the crimes committed against them.

The Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center and Student Health Center can assist any victims of sexual assault.


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